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Nokia Lumia 510 User Reviews

One Star 1.0 stars
Plz don't buy this
Posted by Zahid on 11-03-2018 at
Four Stars 4.0 stars
Thank you amazon for on time delivery and quality product ....
Posted by Dhaval Chauhan on 27-09-2017 at
Five Stars 5.0 stars
better for android
Posted by raushan kumar on 15-08-2017 at
Awful experience! 1.0 stars
I ordared this phone fom amazon and after 10-11 days it stopped working all together it didn't charge at all at first I thought there was a problem with battery, but the battery was fine.I took it to Nokia store and they informed me it's beyond repair it's ad good as waste. I called the customer service and I was told there is no 30 day replacement for electronic products for such products we have only 10 day replacement which they conveniently fail to mention clearly on the website maybe it's there small fonts somewhere feeding the technical obligation..anyway long story short it was a waste of 4 thousand bucks for a phone which stopped working in ten days.
Posted by Nikita Gupta on 28-03-2016 at
One Star 1.0 stars
phone was out of warranty. bluetooth was not working. Had to pay extra to upgrade software.
Posted by Abhra Biswas on 16-01-2016 at
Five Stars 5.0 stars
very nice
Posted by prabhat on 13-08-2015 at
bad bad bad 1.0 stars
Tooooo bad phone.
Ignore all window phones and this phon also.
Posted by mohd sajid on 18-06-2015 at
this mobile is slow 1.0 stars
This is a waste mobile,pls dont buy and waste ur money
Posted by Ravi Sankar on 13-06-2015 at
Very Slow! 2.0 stars
I have been using this phone since past one year and this phone have made me sick many times. Here are the pros and cons-
1. Battery backup is excellent.
2. Camera is superb.
3. Touch is smooth.
4. MS Office is cool for writers like me!

1. No option for increasing the font size of messaging as the size is too tiny to see.
2. Less number of apps available in Marketplace.
3. Apps like Facebook and Whatsapp are too slow and hangs very often.
4. No option for turning the camera shutter sound off.
5. No option for turning off the automatic screen tilting.
6. Can't send stickers in Hike or Viber.
7. Hangs while playing games.

I would suggest not to buy this phone and waste your money. Please go for Android phones which have become very popular now. I'm regretting myself for buying this phone. Windows sucks!
Posted by Reeti on 11-02-2015 at
Disappointed with the phone and not the seller. 3.0 stars
Disappointed with the phone (Nokia) and not the seller. All the three stars are for the seller alone and not Nokia.
Posted by Mohit Bhadani on 18-01-2015 at