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Nokia Lumia 520 User Reviews

Damaged second hand product 1.0 stars
Second Hand non functioning defective product!!!! The seller is a cheat! Dont buy products from him. Wastage of money, time, energy and heartbreak for the person whom I intended to gift. Lost my face!!!! Problem with charger, battery, dust, display, heating and the language for the first time is chinese.

Asked for refund from Amazon!!! Hopefully by tomorrow as per their promise. I dont know how Amazon can even think of allowing these third grade cheat nuisance in their platform.

Never buy anything from the seller, that is if they have not already closed down shutters.
Posted by Amit Mukherjee on 13-10-2018 at
Still works brilliantly well even after 2 years and 4 months. 5.0 stars
This review is a little 2 years and 4 months late. I bought this phone that long ago. And it still is my main smartphone, and I havent even thought about changing my phone. And that is saying something when it comes to smartphones. I have owned android phones of 15-20k range and many others, and none of them had stayed with me for more than a year. Its Nokia, their products are excellent, built brilliantly well, and their service is the best in class. THeres a reason y after all these years people trust nokia. And this phone performs as smooth as when it was bought even now. The best phone I have used so far, cant talk about others. I have used this phone for more than what it could have been made for, and it still runs like an athlete.
Posted by Rahul M. on 24-03-2016 at
its a good product in this price range 4.0 stars
If you can live with no front camera, not having contacts in sim/phone and don't have a data plan, its a good product in this price range. Considering the price, its 4 stars, else I would have given only 3.

Drawbacks -
1. Battery drains out in 2 hours if mobile data enabled and you browse (no streaming) on and off. If you continuously use data to browse, it drains in just an hour. In Wifi, battery is good.
2. Contacts can't be saved in phone or sim. They are getting saved in your Microsoft account and there is no option to move them to phone or sim. This is a huge problem if you need to move the sim to a non-windows phone.
Posted by amazonbuyer on 22-02-2016 at
Nokia Lumia 520, a good basic smartphone 4.0 stars
I bought this cell Nokia Lumia 520 on 23rd october 2013. It's around 1 year and 9 months and still the cell is working fine . The phone had initially come with Windows 8 Mobile OS, which I updated to Windows 8.1 OS mobile some months back. the mobile is still working fine. battery is still working fine. It lasts upto 1 day fully on moderate use. The best part that i liked about the windows mobile OS is its fluidity.I know windows OS lags in terms of number of apps from android os but this is a good one for someone who isn't too much into apps or multitasking. Skype works really good on this phone. Overall a very good product and it was very satisfying , when i bought it back in October 2013. The battry is BL - 5 J which is of 1430 mAh .The mobile has dropped like twice from my hands but its still well and working, bcoz of its rugged build. overall a good phone.
Posted by Abhishek on 20-07-2015 at
Good Phone now gone old 4.0 stars
The product was purchased by me around a year ago and I have been thoroughly satisfied. The white colour was my colour of choice since it was attractive. Windows phone 8 is a very competitive platform and although apps are not much, there is a certain distinctive look and feel about windows phones, especially Lumia. Although I would not suggest anyone to buy it right now, but the platform is very nice. I enrolled on the preview for developers and have been loving it. First to get the updates. Get a windows phone with at least 1gb of ram... like the recent Lumia 535 and so on. Other than that I have no complaints. Even the people at the service centres are quick to respond. They mended my lock button since it was covered under warranty. Had no issues there. All in all I love Lumia and now Microsoft.
Posted by Satyam Khandelwal on 19-01-2015 at
Cost-effective smart phone but dead battery in few months 2.0 stars
There are other reviews that talk about the amazing features of this smart phone, so I won't touch upon that. To be brief, it's an amazing quality smart phone at the price it is. And you won't be disappointed by the operating system/apps/touch screen etc.

The only thing that is totally disappointing is the battery life. I have been using this phone for about 5 months now and here are the statistics:

1) Without wifi / 3G data enabled : about 17-18 hours
2) With only wifi. No 2G/3G data usage : about 15 hours
3) Both wifi and data on all the time, with few whatsapp/facebook usage : down to about 13 hours

I must say Nokia has got it totally wrong and screwed up it's own USP which was the battery life, in all it's earlier phones. There are battery saver options etc but don't help much.

Given this, I would leave it to a buyers choice on what he wants. Certainly, it's a good trade off if you ignore the battery life. But once you have overcome the fascinations of using a smart phone, battery life will really take precedence.
Posted by $u)hir on 17-11-2014 at
Android vs Windows !! Think twice which OS you want to go for !! 3.0 stars
Writing review after 9 months of use. Tried this(Windows) phone after using Android (Moto Defy). Nokia Lumia 520 was one of the best option in its price range before launch of Moto E. Overall phone is really good from build quality (Kind of obviously - Its a Nokia) and performance wise as well it was satisfactory. No lags of any sort. The only main comparison would be of Windows VS Android. After switching to windows phone I felt really good for the first few months but later I started feeling that I am missing a lot. I really felt access to information (News, Entertainment, other informations etc) is more open in Android by way of Apps and Notifications. From a user perspective, I really felt Structure of Windows UI restricts reaching to things. Smart phone has to have very user friendly interface from OS and apps perspective. I felt that was missing in Windows completely. Anyway this definitely going to remain as my backup device as I am shifting back to Android now (thinking of buying LG G Pro 2)
Posted by Nilesh Kulkarni on 16-11-2014 at
This phone is awesome. Windows phone 8 is so refreshing 5.0 stars
This phone is awesome. Windows phone 8 is so refreshing.
I applied screen guard onto it and the swipe became a little lagged. Without the guard it was perfect.
sometimes it doesn't pick up some wifi's but I am not really sure if phone is to be blamed.

The camera is quite good and the videos from it are very natural and vivid. Nice Job here.

Overall its a killer for the price.
Posted by Abhishek Srivastava on 08-11-2014 at
piece of crap phone 1.0 stars
this is probably one of my worst purchases.
Firstly, Amazon delivery was very good as always.
The phone however is a piece of junk. It gets heated within just couple of minutes of charging and hangs every now and then.
Contacting the customer care was no help - they took the phone for three weeks and lied that they replaced the mother-board!
Still it is a piece of crap! - it overheats immediately.
Btw, even all the data got lost since they phone was in the condition that it was not even getting switched ON when I had to take it to the service center.
Posted by Ketan on 09-10-2014 at
Using it since 8 months, Not a Durable phone. 2.0 stars
This phone looks great initially, but slowly I realized that its battery life has drastically gone down and have to keep charging it through the day, so that it can survive.

It is good phone at this price, however I will not recommend it to any one who want the phone for long term use and it is recommend for the users who keep changing the phones after 3 to 4 months. It is because most of its benefits start going down after this duration of time.
Posted by ashish khanna on 10-08-2014 at