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Nokia Lumia 525 User Reviews

A good Product from Nokia 4.0 stars
I am using the phone since two weeks did not find any problem till now matched to my expectations ..... a very good phone under 10k bucks.... touch is very good far better than other phone in same category.... only problem in phone is camera ... would have been much better with flush ...... user friendly... great connectivity.... overall a good budget phone for everything u want these days...
Posted by Sofi on 01-07-2014 at
Loving Windows OS 3.0 stars
Its a very nice phone with very nice features, whatever specification derives and it has those. Windows OS is very nice to use. The need to work on touch and if run heavy application or games its get heated up but games run very smoothly...
Posted by Shaik Azharuddin on 29-06-2014 at
Everything is perfect except battery draining fast than expected. 4.0 stars
Everything is perfect except battery draining fast than expected.

Din't see a great difference between lumia 520 (512 MB Ram) & lumia 525 (1GB Ram)

I recommend this phone.
Posted by Satya on 24-06-2014 at
good and genuine 4.0 stars
I don't say it is super fast but still Good one. Internet Explorer is little trouble in this, need to reload the page sometimes repeatedly. Other wise its too good very flexible access
Posted by siddardha on 24-06-2014 at
Lumia 525 4.0 stars
NOKIA with Windows 8 is a formidable combination.

It is a good phone to possess.

Only one SIM CARD is an inconvinience.
Posted by Utpal Sen on 24-06-2014 at
Review 4.0 stars
it give me fabulous performance as i require in speed and the technical matter but here is one conflict is varieties of application is not available
Posted by Jignesh Dholariya on 24-06-2014 at
totally satisfied 5.0 stars
On time delivery.
Best at this range..
Battery could have been better.
If you use windows phone, you will never switch to android or ios
Posted by KARTHIKEYAN on 23-06-2014 at
its a superfone within budget 4.0 stars
the mobile is very slim and looks great.... awesome OS... Its far better than Samsung models....its more than expected and finally I stongly recommend this phone....
Posted by Brahmananda Chary/ Anand.S on 22-06-2014 at
Device upto the mark 5.0 stars
the device has ability to support every App . as it carries 1 gb ram . allows processing in nice fashion.
i recommend this product .
Posted by binay prasad on 21-06-2014 at
I earn it, possese it........ 4.0 stars
It' s great phone to hold in my hand..... I'm using it almost 17 days long... It's too early to give it a review but I can't hold my hand to write anything about it. It's a super smooth touch sensitive phone..... i love its display. it can handle 720p video, running nice... After all using windows for almost 10 years it is good to use a win phone..... As I'm not a power user the battery running full 2days/48 hours after a full 100% charge.... and I have no hang issue with this like other operating system's phone have.....

some of option is not there like copying files, moving files from one location to another...
camera features is great but the picture's quality some what fade.... color intensity, contrast is not good enough...
And network catching power is not great. i think there have some issue which should Nokia took care about this phone...

after all it's worth to buy in this range....
Posted by Indrajit Kar on 20-06-2014 at