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Nokia Lumia 525 User Reviews

good windows phome 4.0 stars
Good windows music store and other apps are also very good... Very somewhat average...battery backup last very good service by Amazon india
Posted by Ashish Kumar on 28-05-2014 at
feeling happy with amazon 5.0 stars
good product and superb delevry frm amazon

good camera,sound,n internal memory 4gb

got this @ best price 8999

very happy
Posted by nidhin mj on 20-05-2014 at
Decent device!!! 3.0 stars
The device is good. Its good for starters and shallow gamers. You can use any app for about 15-20 min after that it starts heating. If you are using wifi or cellular net it works fine for first 10-15 min then the surfing and download speed reduces. Battery backup is not different from 520. If you use continuously it will last for 5-6 hrs. Earlier subway surfer used to lag on 520, in 525 it runs smooth. Maybe windows 8.1 update may change the interface and give new face to windows phone. Better go for higher end lumia devices rather than this one. All devices ending with -0 are 512 mb and those with -5 are 1 gb ram devices
Posted by Akarsh on 19-05-2014 at
simply superb...! 4.0 stars
prompt delivery, in perfect condition and the phone is amazing.. absolutely no lags, runs games very smoothly and the apps available are more than enough. Also, the camera is decent and the sound quality is not bad..! The overall build is solid and slim and the looks are stunning. The touch is amazing. in short, no regrets on purchasing this phone based on the performance and the things mentioned above. However, the screen, without a scratch gaurd(like mine, as i had also purchased a flip-flap cover with it), attracts way too many fingerprints. Even flies are not attracted to a ripe banana that much. It spoils visibility many times especially when u use ur phone in bright sunlight, eventhough the "sunlight readability" mode is switched on. This is where it loses a star... other than that, no regrets... this phone is a good value for money and is among the best in windows phones available in the market. Also, the battery backup is pretty good... infact way better than most android xperia phones!
Amazon's pricing is very good, when compared to other online megastores and the packing was decent.
Posted by Rudhra on 16-05-2014 at
Most Robust windows phone under 10k 4.0 stars
Very nice experience with this phone. Kudos to Nokia and Microsoft.
Good delivery by Amazon, got it in 5 days.

But the Nokia's offer of free games has expired now.
Posted by Amar Kumar on 13-05-2014 at
Best Smartphone around 10K 5.0 stars
There is no hang while playing games like asphalt 8 becoz of 1 GB RAM.
Cons, i found out
* No Camera Flash
* No Front Cam..
* Heating up of Battery a Lot while playing Games.
Otherwise its a good phone...
#Nokia always rocks in their built quality... Stylish design makes me to order this product.

it also play 720p and above...

#Best Phone Around This Price...
Posted by Midhun M on 11-05-2014 at
A great buy !!! 5.0 stars
I have always been using android phones esp samsung. i switched to a lumia wit half heart, but i must say i really made the rite choice.

1GB RAM does make playing games smoother n multi tasking better..
Offline maps come in handy
camera apps provide a lot of options to click like a pro- like changing shutter speed, iso etc
IPS LCD does give good viewing angles
touch sensitivity is great.
The build of the phone is pretty good and the lumia black has a matte finish back cover that makes it look really sleek

No front facing camera- bt given that we rarely use a front facing camera, this could be ignored
No camera flash
Apps cant be installed on SD card so wit the inbuilt memory available (close to 5GB), we cant do much without using an SD card for storing media files.
Not many apps are available on WP yet- but ya, soon they would be...

Yet, for the price range, this phone definitely is a great choice. and I am loving it
Posted by user name on 08-04-2014 at
The Guarantee : It's Nokia !!! 4.0 stars
Simply an awesome Smart Phone...

Pros : Touch is superb, I have never felt such a kind in any other phone.
1 Gb ram + 1Ghz Processor+ Win 8 .. It's sort of PC on your palm. etc etc etc

:Not that much apps (especially free apps) available compared to Android... IT's hopeful that Windows is trying to catch up with it.
No inbuilt file manager and apps can be only installed in Phone memory

#Fingers crossed, waiting for Win 8.1.....
Posted by Rahul K R on 02-04-2014 at
Excellent handset for the price 4.0 stars
A very good handset. it is worth the price. I personally felt that this handset if had a LED flash would have been the best. regarding the usage part, people using windows mobile first time will feel bit difficult to use, nevertheless with usage it is going to be great experience.
Posted by B Pratheep Kumar on 29-03-2014 at
Too good 5.0 stars
Super performance mobile, really i loved it, lumia kills my time mostly on Asphalt games,1G ram experience superb. Thank you Amazon
Posted by Ragupathy Mani on 23-03-2014 at