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Nokia Lumia 920 User Reviews

1.0 stars
Sim card not working
Posted by mullapati on 09-02-2019 at
Update ur product its already 2018 1.0 stars
Its 2018 and the price is 30k,even iphone 6s is cheaper than this flop product and btw windows phones r out of date
Posted by rahul on 13-11-2018 at
Waste of Money... 1.0 stars
I don't think this phone is relevant in 2018, and that too at such a high price.

Even entry level budget phones offer better specifications than this phone.
Posted by R Ahmed on 28-10-2018 at
Nokia Lumia 920 the day My dear friend 5.0 stars
The phone is super at very good condition look is smart
Posted by Amazon Customer on 07-12-2017 at
Four Stars 4.0 stars
Nice phone
Posted by SHRI RAM SHARMA on 09-11-2017 at
Cofusing specification 3.0 stars
I bought Nokia Lumia 920 factory unlocked through Amazon, US, having built in 32 GB memory, non removable battery, 4g windows phone almost 3 years back, I don't understand why the same model differs in specification?
Posted by Pradip Gupta Bhaya on 22-02-2017 at
nt bad 4.0 stars
I liked the phone.. esp how it came ppropely packed an on time.
about the phone..

Great camera
nice look.

but phone overheats a lot and battery is not that great..
Posted by sandeshjhonny on 15-12-2013 at
It is good... but need OS updates.. 3.0 stars
Look and hardware quality of phone is good...
Windows 8 OS looks quite good..Its user interface is attractive.. Most of android applications are now available and runs smoothly without any hanging problem.
Some drawbacks of OS are (These are very little things but necessary..)
You can not transfer video using bluetooth or NFC..
You can not send video using WhatsApp.
There is no separate options for controlling music volume and ringtone volume.
Posted by Lav Kumar on 24-11-2013 at
Worst lost it in all the aspects apart from camera. 2.0 stars
Here are some problems

1. Phone is getting heated badly. Its really serious i am afraid sometimes to use the phone. Its getting heated in right top corner.
2.OS is really basic in some aspects and it has some useless/advanced features. Do you believe that you cant slide show pics.
3. No apps.. i am serious
4.weak phone signal
5.average battery life
Posted by srikanth on 22-11-2013 at
bad product 3.0 stars
don buy this phone ... its a defective product.. i bought this phone 10 days back it starts flickering and the basic function calling is also not good. the receiver on the other side is hearing very low sound and it seems like im talking from under the water. really fed up with this one and amazon doesn't offer replacement :( its such a horrible experience .
Posted by jebalin on 05-11-2013 at