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OnePlus 11 5G User Reviews

I like it 5.0 stars
great phone
Posted by Krishna on 26-04-2023 at
Good phone 5.0 stars
Since i was using 5T from past few years this was a great upgrade for me and the everything was amazing. Over all it a good phone but sometimes the touch lags may be its the way I touch the apps or screen but it doesnt open. I have to may be lock n unlock the phone and again try to open the app or wait for few minutes. Rest all things are good
Posted by Radhika t. on 25-04-2023 at
Nothing to complain 5.0 stars
Phone is sturdy and nothing to complain. Camera quality is very apt. Fully charges in less than half hour.
Posted by Amit Jain on 24-04-2023 at
Good nice 4.0 stars
Its very good in all the way but cant beat apple ????
Posted by gagandeepsingh on 23-04-2023 at
OnePlus a 5star 5.0 stars
Its been three months I'm using it. It's smoot really great at performance compare to apple 13 pro. Nervet heat up after playing pubg continuously straight for more tha two hours. And with 100w charging adaptor in a minutes' got enough charging for good to go. It's a premium
Posted by Sumeet Rathod on 21-04-2023 at
Excellent product 5.0 stars
Gen2 processor is good. For heavy uses battery will last for a quality is good ????. Price is too much high.
Posted by Sonu Mishra on 21-04-2023 at
Worthy product 5.0 stars
Nice product and I got the open delivery of this product ????
Posted by Rehaan on 21-04-2023 at
osm 5.0 stars
good ????????
Posted by Sidd on 20-04-2023 at
Great specs 5.0 stars
Great phone
Posted by Avinash on 20-04-2023 at
its not a bad phone, its not perfect either. 5.0 stars
so before i start, Ive been using Samsung phones for the past 8 or 9 years. I already like the one UI and the perks that come with it. Now i booked S23 and then realized the fact that it is a bad deal for a phone that was already worth a lot of money. Now I' not saying this phone is also worth your hard earned money. this has its flaws and a lot of people here have already pointed out many of it . Yes the camera processing sucks(sometimes), yes the video quality is meh(compared to other flagships), yes it sucks not to have wireless charging and many flaws follow the suit. The unit i received is working absolutely fine and has no heating issues or jittering or any thing else(physically and software wise my unit is fine till now). The phone takes just 25 mins to get to 90-100% from 20-25% charge. The screen is an E4 panel but its is damn good. The battery life (until and unless u push it really hard) is absolute top tier. I'm a person who attends office meetings through phone most of the times. this thing has an solid battery life that will last u a day and then some. The in-hand feel is good but you really have to be careful as it has a glass back that has ZERO grip. The sound is really good (quality is ok, bass is meh, loudness is 11/10) and it actually feels like stereo speakers. Now if u ask me if this phone is worth 60000, it is not. PERIOD. And u shouldn't buy 8GB version as it is a even worse deal. You can buy iPhone 13,14 or S23 if u have good exchange offer.(but then u'll have to buy a charger, back cover... all extra which i don't appreciate). I would recommend this if u have money to spend, else U can buy 11R which is actually a steal for that price.
Posted by nandhan on 19-04-2023 at