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OnePlus 11R User Reviews

Value for money 4.0 stars
Best phone for dialy use,only drawback is phone gets heated up quickly while doing multi tasking. Major plus is super fast charging.
Posted by Pramod on 29-04-2023 at
Like and dislike things. 5.0 stars
I use this mobile from 20 days it working good and most of things what they mentioned are true and really working good. But I found some negative things like 1.charging capacity is decreased 2.mis touches 3.charger get heated while charging ur mobile.
Posted by Raveendra on 29-04-2023 at
Awesome flagship performance 5.0 stars
I had two options from Vivo v27 and 11r, finally I bought OnePlus 11r and have made the right choice. Overall device runs flawless with 16gb ram, charging is superfast, camera is good, gives you natural colours no addition. OIS is also very good. Need to compromise somehow with the selfie camera, but its nice. Design is good, provides a good grip in hand, I always use it with a case. Finally, if you are investing then OnePlus 11r is a right choice.
Posted by Hrishikesh Kar on 29-04-2023 at
Best display and performance 5.0 stars
Have been using this phone for more than 1 month. Very smooth with little software bug , I hope it will get sorted with future updates. Look and design are pleasing to the eyes .
Posted by SUBHADEEP MUKHERJEE on 29-04-2023 at
Best phone in the price range of 35k - 45k 5.0 stars
Clearly better than any other phone in this price range. Great performance and has almost all the latest features.
Posted by Vijay Siddharth M on 29-04-2023 at
Worth the money. GO FOR IT. 4.0 stars
Im was looking to buy a mobile which fulfill all my needs and also look rich and feels good while keeping it in hand. One plus servs all my requiremt and after using it for a month I'm giving this review. It's a flagship mobile and it serves me completely. Screen is fab. Battery backup is normal. Expected more as like Samsung mobiles. But this also good. Voice is too good. Music is crisp and clear. Catching 5G network very good till now as per area network availability. Camera is just awesome. Clicks and pictures quality is fab in both sunny day and in low light. I didn't played heavy duty game on it. So unable to give review it gaming point of view. Still its a flagship processor so gaming experience also be good i hope.! Go for it..!! Cons.:- 1.Little heavy. Its okay for these days coz all new upcoming mobiles are above 180g. 2.become hot while on call like other normal mobiles. Didn't Expected from flagship mobile or it may be my call duration is long. Above 10mins. 3.need to keep screen refresh speed low to save battery.
Posted by sachin bondre on 28-04-2023 at
Very Good 4.0 stars
OnePlus 11R has all the features of its higher end version, reasonable price. Cell phone Speed is excellent due to its latest Snapdragon 8+ processor. Video quality is superb as it uses HDR10+ format. Its value for money.
Posted by Harsh Kumar Shrivastava on 28-04-2023 at
Nice phone 5.0 stars
Just received the product yesterday, look and feel are good. Will review it after few days of use
Posted by pravas on 28-04-2023 at
One plus launcher need to be uninstalled. 4.0 stars
If ur transferring ua data from old OnePlus phone plz uninstall one plus launcher after transfer. Coz OnePlus launcher doesnt work in new OS and phone may hang.
Posted by Mohan on 27-04-2023 at
Good phone under 40K 4.0 stars
Overall this is a good device under 40K. I will compare the this device with samsung S21 fe which I have used and you can get for as low as 32K to 35K in some sales. My review of different features is as follows, 1. Display - 4/5 - quite good but not as good as display of flagship samsung devices even S21 fe 2. Battery - 5/5 - if you set-up your phone appropriately, i.e. disable 120Hz, no Always on Display, etc you can get even 8-9 hours of SoT. S21 fe has terrible battery doesnt even give more than 5 hours SoT 3. Camera - 4/5 - primary camera is quite good, but ultra wide and macro are ok. S21 fe has all 3 cameras much better. 4. Performance - 4/5 - for normal use (not hardcare gaming), it is quite good. S21 fe has slightly poor performance. 5. Software - 3/5 - overall software experience is acceptable but not as good as samsung phones. 6. Heating - 4/5 - although this phone heats much less than S21 fe, but if you use it in direct sunlight on a hot summer afternoon, the display can get hot which likely is case with most phones, I guess If you want better camera and you can compromise on battery/heat and you are not a gamer, you can go with S21 fe. Else this phone is best option under 40K.
Posted by Vishal on 25-04-2023 at