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Amazing picture clicks 5.0 stars
I'm writing this review from my dad's phone, this is my dad and also my opinion, this is the fastest phone I've ever had and the best one at performance, I couldn't ask for anything better. Great picture quality with pro mode????. Greatpormance, great screen, works properly ans it's amazing in every sense. Allinone this is the best mobile phone ever.
Posted by Alpesh on 07-10-2018 at
Awesome phone after usage of 5 months 4.0 stars
This phone is the best phone in this price range. Trust me u won't be dissatisfied unless you have received a faulty product. It's been 5 months now I am using this phone. And I am satisfied. The photo quality,the battery life, resolution while watching videos, the performance is nice. It is a bit expensive. But I feel it is worth the price than buying an iPhone this phone is good. I suggest you can go with one plus. After a lot of search and research I have taken this phone and now I am happy with the performance. I wanted the ear phone only that is bad they do not provide ear phone with accessories. Other than that it is just the best.
Posted by Lakshmi on 13-09-2018 at
Just love it. 5.0 stars
Hav been using it since past 8 months..hav been an avid fan of Samsung. Was skeptical Abt using a Chinese product. But today I can say, it can very well compete wit Samsung. D user interface is just amazing. It's super user friendly & most importantly no unnecessary bloatware. Delivery by amazon was on time. Guess this will serve for another 4-5 yrs. Imagine how much time wud it take for Samsung to come out wit 8GB then OnePlus wud b touching some other important points..hav recommended this product to 3-4 people & all of them have bought it. They all love d product & hav thanked me for suggesting them oneplus. One has switched from iPhone to oneplus & others hav shifted from Samsung to OnePlus. U can imgaine someone who's a hard fan of iPhone switching to this one. Just go for it. It's better then d expensive Samsung & very expensive iPhone.
Posted by Jay Chowdhury on 05-09-2018 at
True highens phone killer. 5.0 stars
A true highens phone killer at half the price. Dissappointed that a new product is launched in another 6 months with better processor. Been getting all the updates till now. Picture quality is excellent, sound is wonderful. Didn't let me down. Don't forget to get a temperes glass provided by Oneplus, for it has a wonderful snug fit and has been saving my display multiple times from severe damage.
Posted by Naveen on 30-08-2018 at
Superior feels. Rich details. Justified finishing. 5.0 stars
I do not know what else to say other than the above. I don't want to exaggerate about this product. If you really want to know about the phone, PLEASE BUY IT! The information and reviews from various sources may not be absolutely well-defined and justified according to the capability of the phone. Hands down, one of the greatest phones of all time!
But in the meantime, I am stilling processing the comparison between the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6 XD. I dont find anything amusing about the '6' other than boundless screen.
Posted by Soham Pandkar on 27-08-2018 at
Gonna Purchase all OnePlus devices. 5.0 stars
This is my 3rd OnePlus device.
Got OnePlus 1
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 5t

All are still working as I have handed them over to my parents and Grandparents.

I was a user of Nexus and after Nexus line was stopped OnePlus is my Nexus Replacement.

A month ago I gave OnePlus 5t to brother and got OnePlus 6 Mirror Black.
Posted by mjp93 on 25-08-2018 at
Good product but expensive parts 5.0 stars
If anyone wants to buy a premium phone with top noch performance go for one plus , i am big fan for one plus handsets
DISCLAIMER - insure your device , one plus offer very expensive parts and once by mistake you drop your phone in water , your bill can go above the price you bought the device for.
That happened with my one plus 3 , i know the pain .
Performance wise you won't feel any issues..
Posted by dushyant on 17-08-2018 at
Worst after sales service 1.0 stars
I have purchased Oneplus 5T from Amazon in the month of Mar
Posted by Sonika Agrawal on 16-08-2018 at
Bad decision. Disappointing product 1.0 stars
Bought this phone towards the end of Jan. Worked well for about 5 months. But is giving battery drainage issues since June. Already visited the service centre twice. And now headphone jack stops working.

Amazon is unhelpful in this case and so is the oem's service centre.

Very disappointed with the product. Would never recommend to anyone
Posted by kita on 29-07-2018 at
worst phone ever 1.0 stars
worst phone ever. the moment I got this phone I found too many issues. it stops working anytime. as I unlock it, the volume control popup is seen and it doesn't disappear. I was expecting these bugs to be fixed in later versions but its been too long and this is not fixed yet. volume buttons are not at all smooth.
Storage Space - This issue was there in oneplus x as well. I hardly have 4GB of whatsapp space and 3.5GB of internal camera/videos and App space of 25GB. Still, I am out of space and can't click any picture in camera. (to be clear, I cleaned junk files and cache.)
I regret my choice of buying this phone. honor view 10 would have been a better choice
Posted by kanchan on 27-07-2018 at