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OnePlus 5T User Reviews

Closer and closer to perfection 5.0 stars
Here are all the pros and cons that I've found in my usage:

1. Amazing performance (AnTuTu score is 200K+)
2. Phenomenal battery life (roughly 7 hours of screen-on time)
3. Dash Charge is a blessing (1 hour 15 minutes for 0% to 100%)
4. Great camera for price
5. Future-proof with BT 5.0.
6. Super clean software with no bloatware
7. Excellent video stability in 30fps
8. Excellent face identification

1. Screen loses a lot of contrast in bright daylight and this causes inaccurate colour in such a condition
2. Body is very slippery, although it is slim and light
3. Camera has an average dynamic range with only 720p@120fps for slow motion
4. "Intelligent Pixel Technology" isn't really effective
5. Speaker distorts a little from about 80% volume
6. The software navigation bar doesn't adjust colour properly to certain apps like Reddit when you use dark mode

Although there are a fair amount of cons, I really enjoy using it as my daily driver.
Posted by Manjunath Hegde on 21-07-2018 at
Budget Super-phone | But has some issues just like every other smartphone | Close to perfection 4.0 stars
It's an awesome phone. It got a good speed. But After 9 months of usage, It slowly started to Hang and Random Weird issues on the phone. Maybe I should have reset the phone. I would sometimes see the phone automatically switched off itself. I did notice this more than 4-5 times.

But, Finally made my mind to Exchange this for Samsung Note 8. I was a noted fan and finally got it.
I would have given 5 Stars if I had not got the issues. But end of the day, this is a budget superphone :)
Posted by Nick on 19-07-2018 at
Honest review after using for 9 Months 5.0 stars
This was my first Oneplus product and the experience has been absolutely amazing.

- Battery life is amazing,
- Fast charging will make you wonder how can it charge so fast!
- Camera quality
- Build quality, this thing absolutely won my heart. I have used it in rains, it has fallen more than thousand times from my hands it still works just the same!
- The screen size and usage is amazing
- Best thing, it is smooth as butter!

- Price that breaks your pocket
- Camera quality in DEPTH effect mode or portrait mode, Phones of 12000 like Mi A1 does a better job here. So you will never have the DSLR feel!

Above everything else, Oneplus has done a good job in setting up its brand image, thus, holding a one plus in hands might bring you attention.
On the whole, Superb phone, Kudos to modern electronic & software engineering.
Posted by Sagar bhatt on 16-07-2018 at
Callers cannot hear my voice clearly. 1.0 stars
I got the phone delivered on 12.April 2018.
Since 1st week of July 2018, I have problem with the phone. Callers cannot hear my voice clearly, callers hear some noise in the background. I don't have this problem with all the time.
I took my phone to One Plus service centre and I was told that they do not suspect and hardware issue and the OS has been reinstalled.
Very next day I started facing the same issue. Now I feel like it is Chinese quality.
I am not sure if One Plus can replace it with a brand new phone. Because often warranty replacement are refurbished phone.
I don't know to whom to contact now, as one plus customer care or Amazon cannot replace my phone.
Posted by CELETTE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED on 15-07-2018 at
Always keep ur loyal customers Happy no matter what. 5.0 stars
OnePlus has always been my favorite smartphone. First time I used OnePlus was 2 and believe me that was a first I've used for 2 year. Otherwise I use to change my mobile in every 4-6 months. OnePlus gave the things which I personally want most from a phone is- robustness, performance, and memory. Since I save almost all.personsl data on cloud and use online apps for music. Never had to worry about memory. Anyways it has 64GB which is enough for me even I want to save anything. Even though I use tons of apps, responsiveness is top notch in my opinion. I'm always a happy customer of OnePlus and Amazon so far. Just got a prime subscription so looking forward to spend more on Amazon :p. Hehehe.
Posted by Chandan M. on 09-07-2018 at
Great phone... Slight up from the onePlus 3T 5.0 stars
Dislike < poor battery life.
Like u great design, fits well on any hands, super amoled doesn't dissappoint
Addendum > i find myself more with one plus 3T coz the size is practically the same sized with the "direction, home, toggle' at the bottom
Posted by Rummedin on 02-07-2018 at
Poor man's iphone 4.0 stars
I have been loving the device each year and without any doubt, I can claim it to be the best premium smartphone in its range. The latest entrant OP 6 is a bit improved version but stills needs a work on its notch. Waiting for the day, it gets the notch removed soon for a full end to end display.

The best thing about this phone is that it's price range does not change drastically and the features it offers in its orice range is worth every penny you put in.

The camera built in is good and is over hyped for the portrait mode which surely needs an improvement from dslr user's preserpective. This is because the bokeh effect they are claiming about is not indeed the natural one. Its just a workaround. Otherwise, the colors are pure and virbant. Eith minor tweaks, you can get a sturdy camera.

The sound is quite moderate but clear. As we know, the speakers wont be loud in premium flagships.

The battery is very good but, I crave for more with every release. The build quality is certainly the best selling point. The have such a premium finish, that you 'll die fir the looks.

I am certainly an anti-apple guy who knows the iphone is quality but will always fall for one plus for its beast like features at 1/4 the cost of an high end iphone.

Go for the new OP 6 or wait for 6+ , the device never disappoints

Please like this review if it was helpful and give it a thumbsup.

I like to give honest feedback as I expect one such when buying online.
Posted by Bharath R on 27-06-2018 at
something wrong dont know why ? 1.0 stars
the phone has a manufacturing defect dust get trap in the lens glass ,difficult to travel to customer care centre daily as there r only few centres were the look for oneplus device above oneplus three i guess as said by the near by centre that to a third party centre not oneplus store available near by.
the most importantly there r technichions our store how see the phone but dont have a solution i guess ,twice i have gone there and the result is same dust comes back within a week and then worsens the camera clearity.i guess there is some manufacturing defect because of which the dust comes again and again atleast there should be some solution to it.there was a small white dot at base of camera lense when delivered which got worsened after few days and after going to nearby store are not intrested to see the phone or even here our problem just advised this phone are just handed over respected two centre,and by reaching there they advise phone can be exchanged only within 10 days. just cleaned the dust and the camera works fine again the same thing happens and again we have to go to centre and so on again .do we purchase this kind of phone to go to centre again and again that to at a paticular centre and available near by. rest i m satisfied by the phone works great as expected only camera is anoying for which i brought it to click when needed. amazon customer care told as its more than three days go to oneplus store and they will provide u certificate as manufacturing defect and we came provide u new phone and they provide us the near by centre address that to from finding it from google and dont now that they dont see oneplus 5t phone and its amazon exclusive phone,great service do look into the matter and as it a matter of yours name involved in it exclusively or come up with some great solutions for further ongoing sales
Posted by harinarayanyadav on 25-06-2018 at
OnePlus 5T - Flagship features without digging a big hole in the pocket 4.0 stars
? I was using Iphone 5s for almost 4 years(After 2 months it would have been 4th year anniversary for 5s).
? Iphone 5s served its purpose, but after heavy usage, body damage and battery problems it died in December, 2017.
? I was looking for a new Smartphone. My first choice was Iphone 8 , cause I am familiar to iOS and it was a best device offered by Apple after
Iphone X. But price of Iphone 8 64 GB was in the range of 55K
Posted by Vinay Soni on 21-06-2018 at
Really a flagship killer.but not good service. 5.0 stars
Excellent phone for its price
It is fast
It gets software update every month
It has a great display
It has a decent battery
It has the fast charging options

It doesn't support two 4g or Volte at same time like honour device
It has only one mono speaker
It doesn't have wireless charging
It doesn't have its own music player
It's camera app is not good comparing my old Samsung s6 camera app.
It has a poor service.
Posted by ASWIN VA on 19-06-2018 at