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OnePlus 5T User Reviews

Value for Money 5.0 stars
It's a value for money phone
One will not regret it after buying this phone
This phone gives tough competition to high end phones which are above 60k
Built quality- ergonomic is awesome
Fast charging
Face unlocking is superb
Super fast processing
No lags and heating issues
No IR Blaster
Not water proof
No wireless charging
Display is good but it should be improved
Posted by Amazon Customer on 17-06-2018 at
Review after 3 months usage ! 4.0 stars
After spending three months with the 5T, here are my views for those who hate the notch display. And I find my friend's suggestion reasonable not to go for an android phone with notch display due to compatibility issues with many day-to-day apps. But, you may use it with notch display turned off for those apps.
- Performance is way better than any Pixel.
- Dash charging is still a kick ass feature and you will definitely find it handy.
- Display is awesome with better viewing angles.
- I found the reading mode making it stress free to the eyes as I read a lot on my phone.
- The 18:9 ratio of photos and 16:9 ratio is not available. (Expecting it in an update)
- I have faced the paint chipping issue of back cover while using the bundled case.(they promised a change of back cover under warranty)
- Missing stereo speakers

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Posted by Nizar on 13-06-2018 at
One plus is a best brand with good features in cheap price 4.0 stars
One plus is a best brand with good features in cheap price.
1.Back Camera has dual Pixel with 20 and 16mp.The best part is that back side has portrait mode.Picture clarity is good as expected
2.Processing is so fast,since it is a 6GB of RAM.I am multiple apps at a time.But there is no hanging r slow process.I am playing 3-4games in problem in processing
3.Screen Aspect Ratio: It has 6.02 inch display.We can get a better experience while watching movies and videos
4.Batter backup is good but not much expected.since it has only 3300mah capacity.I am getting a charging of 4hrs ( note: continuous using like playing games, watching YouTube, Seeing movies etc.. ). Charging speed is so fast ( It is a Dash Charger ).Within in 1hour 30minutes charging is completing from 0-100%
5.The main thing is that it doesn't have Portrait mode for Front camera..But I am expecting in Future Mobiles.
Overall my opinion is,Those who are looking to buy a best mobile after iPhone,I will suggest this one.less price with good features.
Posted by Gadiparthi siddhartha on 12-06-2018 at
Loved This Phone 5.0 stars
Before The Month Of Feb, I Had Very Useless Phone With Very Bad Camera Quality. Its Battery Also Didn't last For Too Long. The Phone Hanged Too Much. When I Saw The Advertisement, Of This Phone On Television And On Videos I Used To Watch On Youtube That This Phone Is Best In India, I Bought It On Amazon. Its Smoothness And Camera Quality Satisfied Me A Lot. Its Fast Charging Feature Charges The Phone In Minutes. I Also Recommend To The People To Buy This Phone If You Want Smoothness And Quality And Look. I Also Agree That It Is The Best Smartphone In India.
Posted by Bhavye Nijhawan on 12-06-2018 at
Default piece in Amazon. 2.0 stars
I bought it in last 4-5 months ago...Everything was fine but now Evey alternative day I have to reboot this got one more problem that battery is just finishing in 4-5 hr...if I m putting full battery in the night then in the morning it is finished and switched off....I think I got default piece......

Plz somebody suggest me what to do and where to go now.
Posted by r k gupta on 21-05-2018 at
Not cheap one but after paying you will enjoy 5.0 stars
OnePlus 5T (Midnight Black 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)
Really I am enjoying this product,

till the time In android phones best one, much you will use this will be in love.

After buying this phone , i forgot that a android phone hangs usually.
Very impressive speed / operations, while opening playing any application / game.
Reach contrasts and ui along with features.
Camera is very much worth of money in this Android phone, you will feel special while clicking.

Back Camera lenses are outside, which leads to scratches on lenses, to avoid must you should have a good back cover / cover
Bit disappointed with battery, but compare to other android phones good, doesn't matter no of MAH's, it's processor is enough quicks to reduce battery load. But still if it was capable to extend more 3-4 hours stand by it was very good , but still okay
Posted by Ashutosh on 07-05-2018 at
INFINITY display @ INFINITE specifications @ normal price 4.0 stars
Really I fell in love with one plus as soon as they unveiled their 1st flagship device named ONE PLUS 1 and there after they are doing a great job in respect with mobile devices having high end specifications with low cost when compared to Samsung, apple and many other, i am user of each and every device of one plus and i really loved all the devices, finally its the one which satisfied me with regards to price, specifications, ie. Ram, cam, speed, charging time and battery life and what not every thing, especially dash charge is one which is ultimately the best i would say. And now I am waiting for one plus 6, finally revealing on MAY 17, 2018
Posted by pranav on 05-05-2018 at
Excellent, excellent, excellent. 5.0 stars
Unbelievable device for the price. Unbelievably fast and snappy. Good screen. Charges faster than you can type 'unbelievable.' Slightly too thin and light for my taste but I doubt that's a negative. Software is clear and clutter-free and devoid of bloatware. I cannot think of a single negative thing to say!
Posted by Contracrostipunctus on 27-04-2018 at
All n all totally #paisavasool product Camera and gaming performance are best in same price range mobiles no batter choice one ... 5.0 stars
It's a monster . Big boom in small packages
Where do I start and where does it ends .
All n all totally #paisavasool product
Camera and gaming performance are best in same price range mobiles no batter choice one could have made than this
Posted by kiran chavda on 19-04-2018 at
Leader in smartphones 5.0 stars
Name only says "ONE" plus

It's no ONE in everything

It's PLUS in everything when compared to other smartphones trending in market

I'm a heavy user whole day my data will be on YouTube all social media apps will be running round the clock time battery lasts longer & phone didn't even get heated not even once ..

Don't blame the phone for heating & fast draining ..

Use greenify app it'll stop all background running apps

Promode is simply awesome

The only thing which lags in camera it's up to the mark wish it reaches more than user expectations..

I've buyer one plus 5t 8GB Ram it's been one month worth buying
Posted by shekar on 17-04-2018 at