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Excellent phone 4.0 stars
I was using iPhone for the last six years , spending more than 1 Lac on phone does not make any sense. Finally, made decision to switch to android. I have used Xiaomi also, it also has good phones but Lacks in camera quality. Both Poco F1 and OnePlus 6 are good phones. Using both phones for more than a month and satisfied with both the phones, however touch of OnePlus 6 is slightly better than Poco F1 but front camera of Poco F1 is better. Overall both are good phones but build quality, touch and back camera of oneplus 6 is superior. As of now no regret on switching to android. Since iOS is more secure , so analyzing the security aspects of android.
Posted by Manu Sharma on 11-11-2018 at
Excellent features with amazing battery life 5.0 stars
Bought it during the Diwali Sale. It's an excellent product from OnePlus with amazing features at an unbeatable price. Battery life is amazing and can easily stretch >1.5 days with decent usage. Bought a battery bank alongside but don't see myself using the battery bank in near future.
Posted by Anshuman Harjai on 10-11-2018 at
Great performance, decent camera. Good for heavy users. 4.0 stars
I have been using this phone for over a month now.
Overall rating: 8/10

Camera: 7/10 Very good (in good lighting condition), bokeh is also Ok but not the best. But given the price, it is one of the best.
Average (in low light). You will find graininess in the pictures.

Processor/Ram: 10/10 The phone is exceptionally fast. No lag at all. Some apps may get stuck occasionally but after some updates issue resolved.

Heating: I have played pubg, recorded videos, no heating issues so far.

Build quality: 9/10 build quality is good, gives a premium feel.

Dash charge: 10/10 That's one of the highlights, it gets charged very quickly with the USB C type l
Port. But it will charge quickly only through the adapter and cable supplied along with phone.

Face unlock/ fingerprint: 9/10 Almost perfect
Sound: 8/10 It has a decent sound output, with single speaker at the bottom, although not the best.

Phone battery has started draining quite frequently after a recent update. It need to be resolved in further update.

Low light camera is just average. Newly introduced nightscape mode has made some improvements but still it can be better. Also have to focus well and stay still to get a clear shot. Some times it takes tine to focus as well.

Overall It is a good choice in this price range. But If you already own one plus 5T, I don't think it is good to buy this.
If you are looking for performance with a decent camera with dash charging, go for it without any doubt.
Posted by Saransh Jain on 10-11-2018 at
Latest & powerful processor with Good Quality Built from Oneplus 5.0 stars
It was a decision after a lot of research from various sources and first-hand reviews from people already purchased the phone to go ahead with this phone - I won't ever regret this purchase!
I was a die-hard Sony fan but had to choose alternatives as it failed to keep up with current expectations and features except for the sound quality with its proprietary music player and camera quality.
But with the Sony camera sensors + OLED screen + Snapdragon 845 + Oxygen OS = no regret
Phone providing all the expected performance and with regular software updates and android 9 running smoothly - no complaints !!
Posted by Ajo Philip on 09-11-2018 at
Awesome performance 5.0 stars
You cannot ask for more from a phone at this price. Absolutely no lag at all and works like magic.
It would take some time to get adjusted with the size, if you had been on a 5 inch phone before, but afterwards you won't feel putting that down.
Tried few heavy games PUBG & Asphalt 9 and worked like a cake.
Love the parallel apps feature and the level of customization you can do.
highly recommended.
Posted by Ashok Sam Alex on 09-11-2018 at
BEAST BUT... 4.0 stars
Received this phone on the 24th October, 2018.
I was hyped when I received it. After a few days of usage... I submerged it under water. Twas my bad. Now, the screen is gone, sound clarity not as before. The phone is slow. Touchscreen not working. SIM reader affected.
My advice: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Just because the phone is an IP 67 rated... DO NOT RISK IT!!! I REPEAT... DO NOT RISK IT!!!
there goes my 40k phone. ????
Bought it online so... anyone knows the service centre is in NE India, please advise.
Posted by Pyniarborlang Lynshiang on 09-11-2018 at
Great speaker and screen 5.0 stars
What a phone!! What a phone!!

Full day battery. Lightening fast. Great speaker and screen. I had one plus one for 4 years and I upgraded it to one plus 6. My one plus one was still working like a charm when I upgraded :)
Posted by Sidharth Middela on 09-11-2018 at
Best SD845 Flagship Phone | Worth the price! 5.0 stars
No doubt SD845 is a beast, and this phone nails it. It comes with near to stock android experience by oxygen OS which is OnePlus custom UI for years,

The phone is blazing fast and it is pretty much self explanatory. I am writing this review at the time when OnePlus 6T has been already released and this phone is equivalent to it at all terms except sound quality as it doesn't have stereo speakers.

Rest be assured, your money is not going to be wasted. Absolutely worth purchasing in 2018.
Posted by Yatish on 09-11-2018 at
Flagship Killer not anymore. 5.0 stars
Excellent performence of thus phone. This is exactly what they say. I mean the camera is best at this price. Ram management is ok. Battery is good not best in class. And looks is awesome. Glass sandwich design but this is 2018 so it will be like it. I am writing this after 3 months of usage and 6T is already arrived. ???? But happy that not much of a difference between them
Overall nice but a bit pricy
Posted by N_Amazon on 06-11-2018 at
Worst camera and Sound. 4.0 stars
Camera quality is NOT good at all. By seeing unboxing vidoes and reading reviews I had a impression that camera should be good, but since I am using and realised camera is not at all good. Pics don't have clarity. Night photos sucks, it's better not to take photos at all during night times because it is an embracing movement while showing to others ????
Slow video is the worst feature because no clarity at all.
Sound is not amazing but ok ok. Because one need to keep increasing and decreasing volume to hear properly.
If Bluetooth earpods are connected then battery dies very fast compared to other phones like Samsung and Moto.
Good thing is RED back looks very premium and beautiful.
Posted by VinayR on 02-11-2018 at