OnePlus 6T User Faqs

Is there have inbuilt pubg mobile game?
You killed English. Congrats. And no, it doesn't come with pre-installed PUBG crap.
Posted by Beric Dondarrion at
Will the Fingerprint sensor work in or not???? Or i have to simply use any other screen guards?????? Skins for one plus 6t is recommeded?
Well it will work with temp glass coz it a small cam under the display so just go for it
Posted by Jitender at
does one plus 6t record phone calls?
Yes. It has inbuilt feature
Posted by Amazon Customer at
Anybody hu owns this phone really miss the notification led?
It has other cooler things though
Posted by Manojprabhu at
What is the main difference of OP 6 & 6T?
Finger print is removed from back to in display, 3.5mm jack port is removed, notch is smaller plus battery is increased from 3300 mah to 3700 mah
can i use this phone in usa ?
Why not? you can use this phone is any part of the world
Posted by Dinesh Kumar at
Does it have ear phones
No it doesn't
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Does it have Google lens
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How would be the camera quality ? If one needs to shoot with gimble and would it be attachable to apple watch?
Has the Best camera quality so far
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Is it has face unlock
Yes it has and it's very responsive and quick.
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