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Its the most bland phone ever. 3.0 stars
I am an absolute OnePlus fan. I have had a OnePlus since the X model was launched.Moved on to OnePlus 3t, which I feel was their best phone till date.I also happened to buy a Nokia 8.1 along with this device, and now that I compare the two; I realize the Nokia is a much more interesting device than this one.Pros: UI is excellent. The oxygen UI is functional, easy to use, customisable, stock Android, safe and secure with zero bloatware. That is the main reason I love this brand so much.Fast, and smooth with no lags yet. Multitasking is a breeze. I am quite confident it will continue to be like that for a long time. Since my 3T even after 2.5 years is fairly smooth still.Call quality is great.Network connectivity is good.Cons:Camera: This department in the OnePlus has always been a sore point. It clicks clear but visibly dull pictures, takes quite some time to focus, and they don't do anything new to spice up the camera experience, even though a major part of using a phone today is based on vibrant, clear fool photos.I realised they don't have a live photo or a motion photo in the stock camera, and the gcam app is not compatible with this device.Screen: I don't know if this problem pertains only to my phone or the OnePlus 7 in general; but the screen although bright is very dull. This is after adjusting the display to vivid, etc. None of the settings has been able to resolve this problem. OnePlus 3T has a far more vibrant display than this.It's not a bad phone by any means. It's a boring phone. I am a fairly practical user, and don't believe in frills, and yet if this phone has refused to excite me as a user, I can imagine how badly it will disappoint the youth.There's another thing I have realized, after watching nearly 30 odd reviews; that there is a huge brand royalty even among them.Although non committal they seem to make the OnePlus look better than it is.I hope as a OnePlus loyalist myself, to take note.
Posted by SK on 28-07-2019 at
OnePlus 7 - Only One Word: Awesome 5.0 stars
I would say Just Go for it without any doubt, you will love it. I have seen couple of friends using OnePlus 7 Pro but there is such no difference except Design. Each phone has their own Pros and Cons but i would say \\% of cons of this phone is very limited. If you want a super-fast phone with full day battery life and Awesome quality pics under 35K then OnePlus 7 will be the first choice. if you don't have budget constraint then go for Pro model but you don't feel much difference.Pros -1. Awesome display - You can change the display settings and will get a feel of Super Amoled quality2. Super Camera Quality - Many options with Nighscape mode. I am loving it.3. 4K 60fps Video Recording - Record the video and play it on 4K TV. its awesome4. Full day Battery liffeCons -1. Little bulky but will be used to it
Posted by Monish Agrawal on 27-07-2019 at
Great daily driver phone which also pairs up as a gaming phone 5.0 stars
One of the best phones in the price segment i.e ₹40000.bought at around 33000 with hdfc discount and exchange...coming from Nokia 7 plus,its an equally awesome phone.great battery ,great hardware and a nice camera(has a warm tint sometimes).Some customers are complaining regarding a battery backup,but I found it to be pretty good..I charge it upto 100 percent at around 7 a.m ,after a day of usage with 4g volte with dual sim and copius amounts of internet usage,its at around 55 percent at 7 p.m.Those who buy it will find it to bit warm on internet usage but after you let the battery complete 3 or 4 discharge cycles,you will find the battery pretty solid.gaming is awesome .played pubg and asphalt on the highest settings and was not disappointed.If you love pure android with a few of the extras like call recording, customisation etc,this is the phone for you.I bought the red one.looks beautiful,I switch from 13 years of buying black phones and was not disappointed.I bought the ringke fusion x from amazon and its amazing.I also bought the tempered glass and the audio adapter from the oneplus experience store and all worked smoothly.Thos who do not want to spend extra for blietooth earphones/headphones can buy the Bluetooth audio receiver from Xiaomi or Fiio.They let you use your existing headphones with great clarity and quality.I already have a can and a great earphones from sennheiser and sony hence I chose the audio receiver route.Overall its a great phone to buy with the budget.I also chose this this because I dont trust the pop up camera mechanisms and curved glasses.My previous phone had a zoom lens which I seldom used,hence paying extra ₹15000 for extra lens did not seem logical to me,instead use the money for buying quality accessories...Theres no dnying that its an awesome daily driver phone.Go ahead,buy it....Sorry for the long review/opinion,I hope it helps you take a proper decision...P.S-i did not choose the redmi K20 pro for the poor water durability and miui and the Asus zenfone for call and heating issues...
Posted by Parikshit on 26-07-2019 at
An honest review: 4.0 stars
"fingerprint reader" - excellent"Camera quality" - great as per my experience(I didn't compared with any flagship phones,but comparing to redmi note 7 pro,which was my last product,it is very nice)"Video recording" - great,it was my first experience of recording videos in 1080p and 4k."Performance" - honestly,I expected a lot,like ram was 8gb and processor was Snapdragon 855,but I experienced a slight lag and hanging issues when I opened a big games like asphalt 9 and PUBG after running many apps in background(9 to 10),l know that u didn't expected me to say this but as I said this is my honest review"Battery quality" - as OnePlus claimed,it does offers good battery quality but while traveling using Google maps,it drains faster,or else it is goodOverall I would rate it 4/5.......It was my first review,you can ask me any question regarding this phone or any other (flagship mostly),for I am a smartphone geek.......thank you..
Posted by Alok biradar on 24-07-2019 at
Incredible. So fast. So smooth. So responsive. Amazing phone. 5.0 stars
Excellent bang for the buck. With identical performance specs as the pro this is no doubt a great quality phone. If you are wondering, this model works perfectly fine and it is .. So fast. So smooth. So responsive.I have normally be away from colored phones but opted for the mirror blue version with this model. I am glad I did as it isso glossy and is really quite nice.**The camera is bit of a disappointment as the images shot lack a bit of crispiness, making the image smooth however, thats minimal and I'm sure you wont even recognize it.I would definitely buy this phone again and recommend it to others. There is no other phone on the market with these performance specs, screen size and other features.Once you try this you'll never go back to any other phone. It's the little things that counts.
Posted by Ghostfreak♠️ on 23-07-2019 at
Dont compare it with anyone , jus go for it. 5.0 stars
I have been searching like for 2 months continuously about this phone at first i dont like color mirror grey bt about the specs i loved it so much that i thought i ll sacrifice for the color . Even before color asus 6 z was making quite so much attention in the tech market as i ended up comparing both and got confused a lot ... Coz i haven't used amoled display before nd all the youtubers out there continuously screaming asus display has better bright like 600 dots or point compared to amoled display plus , second point was i was leaning towards the 3.5mm jack as i was dispointed with one plus as i heard customer is thier priority they listen to them .. i m music lover i love trance , bass music , edms and all that even accoustic and connecting a special audio jack adapter was annoying for me or say it will be irritating for me ... I was so much confused between these two that i watched each and every camera sample videos of botb asus and one plus 7 , trust me guys u name it , i have watched all not only this i compared the camera samples by giving point to each one on which aspect they stand out like asus selfies were very beautiful and wide angle was a lovely feature with full screen display .. guys i have compared all bt after all that stuff .. my mind told me to go for asus 6z and my heart wants the brand the snappy os and premium finish of the one plus 7 .. finally it was taking me too along bt after comparing with point on each camera samples .. guys trust me one plus 7 stand out straight .. and low light pictures were way awesome so i want the perfect os bt i cant sacrifice about the 3.5 mm jack then i asked my frnd he told me there is no such big difference i assured with my rich frnds too after that i cudnts be more agree to listen my ❤️ and go for the one plus 7 off course it dont have bigger battery bt the snappy os also worth a lot its just that u cant feel on comparing videos u hav to feel it in ur hands , and. This is where love at first sight to this beautiful company and specially this beautiful one plus 7 arises .and its beeen 2 days guys i ordered the mirror blue and i think the color is a beauty in its own ... So much positive feeling when u hold as well as the premium feel u hold is way awesoem. Thanks a lot in advance guys ignore my grammar and English hope it helps 😃✌️✌️peace , love for mirror 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙.
Posted by Akash Sethi on 23-07-2019 at
Best Value for money with conditions apply. 5.0 stars
Pros:Crisp Display & powerful brightness in direct sunlightVery Good Battery LifeBlue Variant: Beautiful FeelFingerprint: Snappy but little less reliable than capacitive onesFace unlock: Snappy in good lighting.Combination of face unlock and fingerprint will get everything done. No issues there.Performance: Flagship Grade. No worries thereEverything else is Flagship grade including Camera, UI and anything that u can think of.Cons: The Hard PartSpeaker: It is amazing and so loud that it doesn't feels like its a phone's speaker. I was surprised when i first heard at high volume,BUT, since it can go so loud it will produce vibrations in phone's body at full volume. May be nothing to worry about but just a heads up guys.Vibration Motor: Switching from Samsung for first time, i can definitely feel the difference b/w two. It is just not smooth and silky in feel and as good as Samsung. NOT FEELS NATURAL.Mic: I don't know if it is due to position of mic or in box case but mic sometimes is less efficient. Guys from the other side of phone have pointed it out. Verdict regarding this is still reserved for future and extensive use.Scrolling: Scrolling sometimes feels weird as it starts scrolling very very fast even though u have not pushed it that hard.VERDICT:Good buy with issues to rectify. Go for it as it offers the best experience in its price range.
Posted by Gaurav Kumar on 21-07-2019 at
Still a flagship killer 5.0 stars
I have not used one plus earlier. Used Asus, which is pathetic in network services. Recently I broke that phone (out of frustration) and was waiting for k20 pro. And when I saw that old touch, sound, camera, advertisement etc issues in their review, I bought this one plus 7.It's nothing like I have used before,Pros:1. The OS s is awesome, light and fast.2. My office colleagues tested the camera and all of them came to a conclusion that it's the best that they have seen. And mind it, they are all smartphone freaks. Their review means a lot.3. The phone is fast as light. Thanks to SD 8554. Looks of the phone is simple yet premium, and it's build is quite stardy.5. It's sorround sound system is worth it.6. It's heptic touch engine is extraordinary7. The days are gone when only sumsang phones made the best display, this phone has a very good contrast. Won't compare with the costlier ones, but the best in this price range.Cons:1. Expected at least a punchhole notch instead of a teardrop one. Don't know why they didn't do it.2. They could provide the wide angle lense for camera as well3. Battery backup is about 1and half day, could be a bit better.--but what we are getting can still give shame to any other flagship devices...One plus has shown once more that they are the flagship killer.Extremely impressed.
Posted by Rajatsubhra C. on 20-07-2019 at
Beast!! 5.0 stars
Absolutely beast in this price segment...Bought this phone for a few reason over k20pro1. Oxygen OS2. Stereo speakers3.built quality4. I hate pop-up camera4. Camera with OISWill post final review after one month
Posted by Abhineet G. on 20-07-2019 at
One plus 7 bought online from amazon-Defective 1.0 stars
I am a big fan of one plus but I am disappointed with the latest bought one plus models .I bought the latest one plus 7 professional one month back from . From day 1 the performance of the model was not like one plus 6 model (which I had earlier) and now its stopped working as its not even starting or booting wihin 30 days..This is pathetic and I can't believe that company like one plus can make such a product..I am not sure if I have got a defective piece but my earnest request to amazon and one plus to replace this on priority.
Posted by Rajesh Radhakirshnan on 20-07-2019 at