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Speed..Speed..Speed....... 5.0 stars
I purchased OnePlus 7, 256gb varient, red color.
The first thing I noticed is the speed.. It is mind blowing, really love the phone for that. It is really beyond speed (their tagline)
Secondly, the Battery, on normal use it lasts for 1.5 day and when used intensely, it lasts for 24hrs.

Uploaded battery details after one week use.
Display is really nice, you can watch 4k content easily.
Apps run smooth like butter.
Speakers are loud and clear. It is so loud that it gives minor vibrations to the phone which personally I didn't like.
Camera is above average, clicks really good pics. I miss the wide angle option.
No major heating while charging or playing games.
Gestures option are very cool.
Phone has scratch gard already installed and has good quality silicon case. No headphones or type-c to 3.5mm converter..that's sad.

Worth every penny.
Just buy it and relax for next 2 years.
Posted by Bhavesh on 07-06-2019 at
Quality 5.0 stars
Best phone nice camera quality and awesome speed no one can beat it
Posted by rohit on 07-06-2019 at
Normal User Review 5.0 stars
This is the best budget premium phone money can get you. Sleek and premium. I purchased this on Day 1 sale.

1. Oxygen OS is fast. Provides good gesture support similar to stock UI.
2. Fnatic mode is so helpful for gamers. Joyful to play pubg.
3. Rear Camera photos have details and clarity.
4. In screen fingerprint sensor is quick.
5. Better RAM management.
6. Good haptic feedback. Typing is so fun.
7. Here is what I noticed personally, the app installations seem quicker. Not sure if internet is the factor or the UFS 3.0. overall the device is snazzy and fast.
8. I use the setting for hiding the notch with statusbar and it looks like there is no notch on the device.
7. Battery is decent 3700mah. Gets you through the day.
8. Zen mode kind of alerts you if you are at the phone for 2 hrs or more. I like that.

Cons till now.
1. Charging cord length is small.
2. No earphone jack. I miss that.
3. Camera needs an update in terms of how they are processing the image. Unwanted reddish appearance for human subjects in selfies.
Posted by Rajesh Panda on 07-06-2019 at
U r getting a Ferrari at the price of Swift!!!!!! 5.0 stars
I booked it on 4th itself and received it on 5th morning by 8. I have been using it for past 2 days and the one thing that stands out is speed. It's very snappy in everything and the oxygen os is simple yet effective no unnecessary apps or ads anywhere. Speakers are improved quite a lot, the amoled screen is simply superb. But there is still one thing where this phone falls and those are cameras , even after having 48mp primary camera I had expected a lot from it as it's a flagship product but it didn't reach the expectations but we will be getting an update ota soon where the OnePlus has promised to make the camera performance the best.
Posted by Aditya Ramaprasad on 07-06-2019 at
The return of Flagship Killer 5.0 stars
Finally the wait was over for me when Oneplus 7 went on for sale. While Oneplus 7 Pro is beautiful and no less than a flagship, this one is a big value for money. It is a total beast when it comes to performance and gaming. The camera is very decent and produces vivid photos. While I would have loved to have the Pro, I have no complaints at all with the OP7 given that you can save 16k and enjoy the same processor and GPU. Also, 60Hz refresh rate is good enough. My gaming monitor had the same refresh rate and guess what it's good enough. Somehow the Pro seems to be an overkill and a slightly overpriced version.
I'm glad that Oneplus launched this phone. Oneplus always had the reputation of a flagship killer and not a flagship maker. This phone lives up to that reputation.
Posted by Abhijay Kumar on 07-06-2019 at
Blazingly fast for 2019 standards: Certainly still a flagship killer 5.0 stars
This was delivered to me a day after ordering.
This is the Oneplus device that can be called a flagship killer as Oneplus7 Pro is a flagship in itself. Launched cheaper than what 6T was launched at.

Great battery life
Amazing performance with Snapdragon 855
Premium design. Not as premium as flagships but still good enough.
Impressive rear and front camera
In display fingerprint scanner is really fast compared to 6T.

No headphone jack and now Oneplus won't provider a converter too.
In display scanner behaves weird when using the less dominant hand.

Here's my review after 2 days of personal experience full usage as below:

Weight: 8/10
OS: 10/10
Screen size: 7/10 (A bit too big for my liking, but that's my personal preference)
CPU: 10/10 (Market leader Snapdragon 855)
Performance: 10/10 (Certainly the top tier as of now)
Storage: 10/10 (you'll get approx 114 gb for use)
Battery: 9/10 (Can easily last a day)
Rear camera: 10/10( Camera bumped up to 48MP primary and 5MP secondary)
Front camera: 9/10
In display fingerprint scanner: 8/10(If you
Face unlock: 10/10

I hope this will be helpful.
Posted by Imran Khan on 07-06-2019 at
Awesome 5.0 stars
Awesome experience using this phone but did not get Type C earphones with this..
Posted by Akhilesh Khanka on 07-06-2019 at
Static sound while on call.. 5.0 stars
Getting a consistent static sound in the background while on incoming/outgoing call..
Very irritating.
Didn't expect this out of the box.
Have requested for replacement.
Amazon has been helpful uptil now
Phone ordered on 04/06.
Received on 06/06.
Complaint lodged in 06/06.
Technical inspection done on 08/06.
New order created on 09/06.
New replacement piece received on 11/06.
All it took was 3 phone calls in total, so I can term it almost hassle-free (other than the unnecessary delay of 5 days caused by a defective piece).
The phone is good.
Amazon replacement is upto the mark.
Posted by RRM on 07-06-2019 at
The best "value for money" smartphone...the true "flagship killer" 5.0 stars
I bought this phone as soon as it went on sale. It's kind of an initial review, based on 2-3 days of usage.
So, for first impressions, OnePlus 7 is a great phone. It is a true "flagship killer", a worthy successor of the OnePlus 6T, and most importantly, the best value for money OnePlus 7 series smartphone in the market, when compared to its elder brother, the OnePlus 7 Pro. I bought the 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Storage variant, the original price of which is INR 37,999 and the same variant for OnePlus 7 Pro costs INR 52,999. The things you get for the extra 15k you pay are:

1. Larger, better screen with better resolution (Curved QHD display with 90 Hz refresh rate)
2. 2 more camera lenses (Wide angle and Telephoto lenses)
3. Pop-up selfie camera
4. 300 mAh more battery

For me, camera is not a priority on my phone, and the extra battery doesn't serve much, as the larger screen and better resolution display consume much more than that. Thus the overall battery life in the 7 Pro eventually becomes lesser than that of OnePlus 7. No doubt, the 90 Hz display will give you a much smoother experience, while browsing, scrolling and in some games also (Note: PUBG, Asphalt 9 etc. do not support 90 Hz refresh rate). Otherwise, you get all the best features that are in 7 Pro. So personally, I don't feel that the OnePlus 7 Pro is worth that extra money. Best features you get in the OnePlus 7 that are exactly same as the 7 Pro are:

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa Core Processor
2. Adreno 640 GPU
3. UFS 3.0 Storage
4. Fnatic Mode (Extreme Gaming Mode)
5. Zen Mode
6. 48 MP Primary Back Camera with Sony Sensor
7. 16 MP Front Camera with Sony Sensor
8. Dual Stereo Speakers with Dolby Atmos
9. Screen Recording

With these features on the OnePlus 7, it already becomes an absolute beast of a phone. The combination of the highest quality CPU and Oxygen OS, gives you the smoothest and cleanest of experience you'll ever have in any Android smartphone currently in the market (even smoother than the Google Pixel 3 series and the Samsung S10 series). Looks wise, it is almost identical to its predecessor OnePlus 6T, with slightly changed keys positions and a little more camera bump (not a problem for me). OnePlus should have increased the 3700 mAh battery, but that's ok, it doesn't bother much, unless you play games for very long period of time.
Listed below are some Pros and Cons of the OnePlus 7:

1. Display is quite bright, no issues in viewing in bright sunlight
2. Smooth scrolling and browsing experience
3. Great RAM management
4. Faster and extremely responsive under-display finger-print sensor
5. Faster, more accurate face unlock feature
6. Gaming experience is excellent (specially with the Fnatic Mode on)
7. Cameras are descent enough, clicks sharp and clear images
8. Better nightscape and portrait modes
9. Feels really good and comfortable to hold in one hand
10. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and 5 protection at front and back respectively
11. Zen Mode is a really nice feature to keep you away from the phone for some time
12. Faster file transfer and app opening (due to the UFS 3.0 storage)

1. Speakers are not that loud
2. No 3.5 mm headphone jack
3. OnePlus didn't even provide a USB Type-C to 3.5 mm dongle in the box
4. Camera is not as good as Google Pixel 3 series or Samsung S10 series or Huawei P30 Pro, but can surely compete

Overall, the OnePlus 7 is worth buying. Based on my usage till date, I'm extremely satisfied with it and I would highly recommend it. If you already have a OnePlus 6T, you need not upgrade to OnePlus 7. But if you are planning to change your old phone and buy a new one, go for the OnePlus 7. It's indeed the best value for money smartphone with premium features.
Posted by SAYANTAN BANERJEE on 07-06-2019 at
Must buy 4.0 stars
Awesome phone and worth for money!
Posted by Lovenish Sachdeva on 07-06-2019 at