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There is no phone inside 1.0 stars
There is no phone inside
Posted by Harsha on 01-01-1970 at
Pathetic screen quality! Stay away from this one 1.0 stars
 Don't buy this phone please!
It has red tint,black crush and black bar issue which is a hardware issue and can't be fixed with a software.
Please dont waste your hard earned money.
People who are saying the display is perfect have not done screen tests on dark mode.

Below 30% brightness there is color shift,high contrast scenes are really bad whether on netflix,prime or youtube.

Hdr content is plain horrid,it seems like a grey filter is present always when watching hdr content.

And no before you think its an isolated issue only affecting certain devices,please check reddit or oneplus forums.Oneplus has chosen to not reply regarding any of it.

I will say it again its a hardware defect,please dont think an update could fix it.
Posted by Shantanu on 01-01-1970 at
Real Beast 5.0 stars
Loving it even after 1 month of use.
Real beast...
Sharing some beautiful images captured by me..
Battery backup is really impressive even at 120hz display setting. you can easily use it for 12 hours for normal use.
Gaming at 60 FPS gives more than 5 hrs of battery life.
Selfie camera can be improved a bit.
Macro shots are amazing
Super fast with LPDDR5 ram, I feel 8GB Op8 pro will make things go faster than 12GB OP8
No display issues, green tint or black bar as told by few people..
Posted by maulik on 01-01-1970 at
OnePlus 8 pro Display issue: Black bar, black crush, red tint 1.0 stars
Facing major problems:

1. Black bar, black crush issue and red tint across the display. ( Attached photos for reference)

2. Significant discoloration on display with uneven brightness. ( clearly visible in the photos)

3. OnePlus has tried to dampen the issue by increasing the minimum brightness, now its uncomfortable to use in the dark, with so bright screen glaring at you. ( Trying to get away)

Seems to be prominent in the Indian unit.

No response from amazon or OnePlus till now. This is totally unacceptable. Your silence on this is shameful.

For you it might be just another phone, For me it is hard earned money that they I have saved up for months

Highly disheartened with this purchase.

Request to Replace or Refund this purchase.
Posted by utkarsh on 01-01-1970 at
8Pro are having manufacturing defect(display) , confirmed by Amazon,Very bad Quality control 1.0 stars
Edit 2: After 4 replacements , Amazon said that OnePlus is having a manufacturing defect(display) , gave me a refund and said to buy any other phone and not the 8Pro and I don't recommended to buy this to you as well

Edit: this is my 2nd order and it is still defective , very bad , returning again

Very bad Quality control!!, returnd the product
Posted by nandan on 01-01-1970 at
Worst phone ever, totally waste of money. I want to return my item. 1.0 stars
Worst phone getting overheating message very often, battery is draining within 4 hours, display is blurred and there are bubbles in the display. Received used device.
Camera quality is also not worth it its very bad.

Please don't waste your money buying this.
Posted by dushant gaba on 01-01-1970 at
The outer looks of the phone is just delightful, SD865 is just wow!!. Started seeing some black bars in lower dialer screen with default wallpaper and also in chrome browser. Front and rear camera really sucks. Camera seem to be ordinary as <15k budgeted phone. Battery is really utter waste thing with less usage it lasted for 4 hours. If someone is looking for great flagship. Never go for this. You will regret for the rest of your life. I was amazed by the youtube review videos about this phone. But it don't deserve to be a flagship phone. Most features are just a gmmick to attract customers. Green tint has not been fixed yet. Everyone who buys this. Please check it thoroughly by sliding brightness where you can see RGB tint. Am returning it for refund.
CAUTION: Never buy this. If your are looking for a great camera and battery. Numbers seem to be awesome. But they are not up to the mark. This is my honest review on this. Rest is upto you.
Posted by Jedikoppa on 01-01-1970 at
Premium phone 5.0 stars
Very nice display, sound and camera
Posted by Satyam Gupta on 01-01-1970 at
Display issues on OnePlus 8 Pro 1.0 stars
The green tint and black crush issue hasn't been resolved. A horizontal bar appears on the top under the front camera notch. Green patches are visible under low brightness and 120Hz. This is a hardware issue. Please return your product if the same issue persists in your device too. Going for iPhone now
Posted by Aditya Maitri on 01-01-1970 at
Manufacturing defect 1.0 stars
I had been waiting for this phone for 2 months, but I was utterly disappointed when I finally got it in my hands. OnePlus has been evading defect screening apparently, as I got a screen with dead pixels. You can see the black spot at the edge of the screen. Really disappointed with the OnePlus operations.
Posted by Ayush Dubey on 01-01-1970 at