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OnePlus 9 Pro User Reviews

Looks annoying 1.0 stars
The back looks very cheesy. Made of tin. It gets heated too frequently. Battery backup is too less.
Posted by Abhishek on 30-11--0001 at
Oneplus 9 pro is worth buying?? Heres the mystery behind this phone!! 5.0 stars
A lot of people tell that it has heating issues. Let me clear you when you start the phone you get an update which enhances your camera and performance. Thereafter you won't face any heating issues.This phone is really a beast. I bought this phone mainly because One Plus is improving on its products and that's really good. We cannot control price, but when 65000 worth phone is compared with 1.06 lakh samsung and 1.25 lakh iphone, i have to acknowledge that 1+ is indeed touching new heights.This is my 3rd 1+ phone in my family.Excellent performance! Excellent software stability. Excellent display. Used for 3 hours straight after unboxing, very minimal heating. After the update no heating issues occurred till date. Wiah a Dolby Atmos sound quality and call receptionExcellent camera- under low light the results were fantastic. Portrait mode is best in class. We also get portrait mode in video at 4k. Other functions are also good.Very happy with the purchase. No regrets.
Posted by Abhishek Anand on 30-11--0001 at
Just one problem, but its a deal-breaker: Overheating! 3.0 stars
Used this for about a week. Everything about this phone is great, except that it has some severe overheating problems. Once this heating problem gets fixed, it will be a totally awesome phone that gives any ultra flagship a run for its money, a great 5/5, but for now I am going to give it a mediocre 3/5 at best. I've reached out to Oneplus for a resolution, maybe they'll fix it over time with software updates (if it's fixable), but its unsure. At the moment, the battery stays in a constant state of overheat, the phone feels hot in my hands even during normal/light use, and when I use the camera (the photos are great by the way) for a few minutes it shuts down the camera due to overheating. So much for Hasselblad marketing when you can't even use the camera, lol. Bad photos > No photos ? This problem is not unique to me, there is a large number of people facing the same issue with this phone and a lot of chatter on Oneplus forums on the same. I am going to look for a replacement device or get a return if that's not possible.
Posted by Abhishek Ghosh on 30-11--0001 at
For what its worth>>>>> 5.0 stars
Facing no issues, priced a bit high as compared to Oneplus 8 Pro, but what its worth i would say its still very good. Display looks nice, works nice, i don't know but it feels like it stutters a bit maybe that Adjustable Refresh rate needs some update. All in all if you wanna buy it just go for it.
Posted by Ahmed S. on 30-11--0001 at
Not Worth The Price,Not a Good Camera 1.0 stars
Lot of Issues, Camera Not Worth the price or the hype. Nowhere Close to iPhone 12 or S21 Ultra. OVERHEATING,BATTERY DRAIN. My OnePlus 9 Pro 12Gb Dosent Last OneDay Also.
Posted by AJ on 30-11--0001 at
Useless do not buy 1.0 stars
It is a phone which does not had cooling system its heat too much in even simple use .wasted 65k rs for such thing
Posted by Ajay on 30-11--0001 at
Superb 5.0 stars
Marvelous display .earlier due to backup mobile get warmed but now working fine love to use.thanks one plus for making beast...
Posted by Amazon Customer on 30-11--0001 at
Battery life is very poor. 1.0 stars
Very very is very poor.hasselbled partnership failed.dosto mat waist ho k liye toh bilkul mat Lena Bhai.very bad camera in this price range.
Posted by Amit mukhija on 30-11--0001 at
Warp charge with Warp drain 1.0 stars
I know that with so much competition, its more about marketing than actual product. My only expectations were a good camera, high performance processor and a long battery life. Since I was switching from Oneplus 5, the camera system and the performance was a good upgrade for me. BUT unfortunately the battery was way out of expectation. Fully charged at 09.25am, it died at 16:49pm under low usage. I didn't install any demanding apps or games. Also the back side was pretty warm all of the time, even when not doing anything. Before that day I left the phone at 50% while going to sleep and in the morning it was 38%. Its definitely a defect with such a low standby time for a new device. There's no point in 30 minutes fast charge if the drain is that fast. In two days of using the device I had to charge it 3 times. It could be a defect on my unit only but unfortunately I had to return it. I could have waited to see if an update could solve it but just didn't want to end up in the service center fiasco. Everybody knows how after sales service works in India. Lets wait more to see if others complain about the same too.
Posted by Amit Upadhyay on 30-11--0001 at
Oneplus care app diagnosis says battery is faulty,those who bought please check yours too 1.0 stars
 tends to heats up even on normal use and it never cool down(even after april 19th update), it kinda always stays warm even without any use. So i run a diagnosis on my battery on oneplus care app and the result says that' battery seems faulty'?, please check yours too , i have requested to return the product. Please dont buy this phone now , because this phone gonna fell to 55k price tag( you lose 10k to 15k if you buy now) The camera really sucks , not upto the hype, samsung s8 have cameras better than this, Front cam (the worst one) - i can count the pixels on the photo I choose oneplus 9 pro over ROG 5 because i thought i would get better camera quality and what to say i regret now for choosing oneplus 9 pro over rog 5 Mark my words guys ,you definitely gonna regret on purchasing this 9 pro Its over priced and over hyped I recommend you to buy this only when the price is below 55k( well it gonna be in that price tag soon , since nobody is fool enough to by this at 70k , with all this defect, they definitely do need to reduce the price for some to buy this) My last words for those who are willing to buy this now , you definitely gonna be in headache, stress, deep pain for spending this money for not at all that good. This word is from my heart to those planning to buy a new phone ," please dont buy oneplus 9pro
Posted by Anas mohammed on 30-11--0001 at