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OnePlus 9 User Reviews

Bought it bcoz i had oneplus 7 in past which was fabulous everything was gr8 thought to upgrade it with oneplus 9 . Bought it was excited it works smoothly screen awesome build quality is gr8 then the hero of all hasselblade camera ! As i started to click images i saw images were blured out i thought it must be software issue i updated the device but still it blurry.I then applied for replacement i got that too then again clicked images as it was again the images were coming blury and distorted after update too. I chatted with customer care they were not able to help they just say download minspect app i told them it only check hardware which was fine the out come was total crap but they only aaid we cant do anything no refund ! So guys plz dont buy this phone plz its a request i want to help u dont waste you harderened money on this phone or this company. Better to buy iphone which have better customer service and awesome hardware software .
Posted by Rahul on 17-11-2021 at
Amazing phone under 50k 5.0 stars
Ive been using this phone for almost 1 month now... And can say everything seem really good abt the phone with all the package they provide for 50K.. I haven't faced any heating issue or anything as some users reported... Only thing that's a downgrade for 50k . Which infact makes me think spending this much is that the camera doesn't have OIS.. shame for 50k and not getting OIS on any lens.. seems lyk they just want you to go for the pro version of the model to boost profits ... Not having OIS really affects how the video turns out.. OIS>EIS... other than that everything is good.. charging is super fast... 100-30% gives about 5:30-7 hrs screen ON time.. which is on the low side but doesn't matter when you can get it full within 30 mins... Go for it if your restricted to 50k...if not pro is the one to go for with the curved display and upgraded camera system.
Posted by VR on 15-11-2021 at
An average phone buy it only when it comes below 40k 3.0 stars
I have been using the phone since one and half month. The cons * .) Heating issue .) No IP resistance also after paying 46k .) Good camera but not as hyped .) And now the main issue [ Ghost touch] video automatically plays if we pause it is the main issue in my piece dont believe any reviewer .) Battery draining issue is also there. Buy this phone only for the brand .) Other best options in this price range .) Iqoo 7 legend or upcoming iqoo 8 .) Samsung s20fe .) Iphone 12 mini comes below 40k on sale .) Moto edge series
Posted by Swapna on 10-11-2021 at
Please dont buy it.... Not price worthy 2.0 stars
First of all I received a defective product which has a dead pixels and hang issue, after that I request it for replacement then technician comes and verify the issue and replacement ordered successfully. Next at the delivery day the delivery boy doesnt delivered it to me and asking me for come to other place for receiving the product that was not acceptable and more disappointed thing. I do not blame on Amazon but the system is not good. I request to the Amazon team please give the warning to delivery boy. By the way phone is not so good and if you have more budget then you can go for vivo x70 pro or x70 pro+
Posted by Rizwan on 07-10-2021 at
Worst experience 1.0 stars
 I bought this one plus 9 phone on October 4th at Amazon Products. I never expected such a crappy phone to come from such a great company .. which has more demerits than merits ..About my experience on performance & quality: 1) The phone hangs most of the time during call and not even able to pickup or disconnect the call 2) Hangs with background app activities. 3) Camera quality is average like the standard comes at a 20k phone.3. Overrated camera. The amount paid for this phone doesnt justify the quality of the cameras, and the entire thing is overrated. 4. I would clearly recommend buying an iPhone 11 instead. Way better battery life, camera, durability and software experience. I tried returning the phone immediately, but amazon did not accept the return and asked us to run some tests. On running the test they advised that the phone is perfect and we might be not using it right. Beautiful isn't it? And now we are stuck with this worthless heating .Price is all time high. As per build quality and performance, it should be priced 30k. Battery drains faster. Drains with in few hours of usage, Camera quality is very poor and worst experience... I didn't expect that much bad quality.The product just overheating.. it is unbelievable from such great company production devices. Here the cost does not matter but product quality is matters.Please do not deceive customers like me with things like this. Again I do not want to buy a phone from this company.t thankyou..
Posted by Appanna Paila on 03-10-2021 at
Worst experience, dont buy 1.0 stars
 Worst experience, it deserves same price as all other mobiles like mi vivo oppo phone not 50k
Posted by Raj on 30-09-2021 at
Value for Money 5.0 stars
Posting this Review after Using this Beast for almost 5 months... After almost 5 months.. several updates have been rolled out... The performance of device is consistent no lag no problem.. the haptics are too good.. Earlier there was a little problem of heating but after updates it have been solved. The battery backup might be a issue but the 65w quick charge makes it feel like not a problem. The camera have improved a lot ., Have also attached some shots from the device ..
Posted by mayank on 27-09-2021 at
Camera is equivalent to a 19k phone. I cant believe so much for this crap 3.0 stars
The camera quality is really bad.. even worse than a 15k phone... My old phone worth 9k takes better pics than one plus 9... Screen quality is also not good compared to samsung phone. Y u even sell this crap
Posted by chandan m. on 21-09-2021 at
Cheap low performance product with a royal price tag 1.0 stars
1) I have purchased this phone just 3 weeks back from amazon so a brand new phone at 55k. 2) Got the Oneplus 9 model with highest available memory and storage not to compromise on performance and quality with 12GB RAM, 256GB internal inbuilt storage. About my experience on performance & quality: 1) The phone hangs most of the time during call and not even able to pickup or disconnect the call 2) Hangs with background app activities. 3) Camera quality is average like the standard comes at a 20k phone. Amazon and the seller knew the standard of the product so closed return window in 7 days instead of a standard 30 days policy for mobile phones to safeguard the seller Price to performance/ user experience is below average. The real Chinese manufacturer Oppo - the owner of the phone selling its Rs. 10k standard phones at Rs. 60-70k by influencing Indian customers. Thats the power of marketing and distribution abilities. Amazon maintains the rating of these products with higher ratings (so taking screenshot of my review for social media post if Amazon discards this review). Stay away from their tactics from buying such cheap products.
Posted by Rajen Patra on 19-09-2021 at
Its not worth of this much cost 3.0 stars
Never expected this from oneplus. I have used 3t and 6. Experiencing issues with 9 which I never had when using the 2 phones. Quality is really gone. In history if my earlier phones those got hung only because of fully occupied memory. But this phone hangs even though 50 percent memory occupied. Camera doesnt have any improvement. Haselblad is a gimmick. When battery is fully drained while charging it takes hell out of time and it opens up with safe mode. I won't recommend this phone to anyone
Posted by RATHEESH P on 30-08-2021 at