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OnePlus Nord 2 User Reviews

These cellphone safe for daily use???? 1.0 stars
Sir from your side not clear these phones are sefty for used we read newspaper nord2 5g blast problem ... check pl... take action..
Posted by Santosha kadam. on 30-11--0001 at
Deep regret 3.0 stars
With lots of expectations I had purchased this phone but it turned out to be a big regret. Let me quickly highlight some pros and cons as per my observations : Pros : 1. Phone is slim and light in weight. 2. Charging speed is good enough. 3. Quality of speaker is above average. Cons: 1. First impression itself was bad because right after the initial set up, phone restarted and Chinese script appeared (picture of it is being uploaded for ref). Security for this phone is doubtful. 2. I'm not a gamer or a heavy user, I just wanted a good camera phone. So considering the brand name OnePlus, I had mainly purchased this phone for camera but this phone's picture quality is not satisfactory at all. Rear camera is somehow ok (average) but the front camera is really bad. Infact my Poco M2pro's cam is much better (pictures from outdoor uploaded) 3. Battery drains quite fast, doubtful about 4500 mah battery quality. 4. No privacy in call recording, as soon as call recording starts it is being notified to the other person also. 4. Brightness is very low especially in outdoors. This phone has much more cons than pros. At this price range we can get a much better premium phone. Now I'm regretting so much that I should have gone for Google pixel 4a or Iqoo 7 or Samsung A52.
Posted by Albert Bozeh on 30-11--0001 at
Phone heat and no inbuilt alexa 3.0 stars
Just received the mobile and while doing the initial setup phone is becoming hot especially back side part. Not sure if it's a real issue one should consider while buying. Also no hands free Alexa operation which they mentioned in nord and not sure how far it's working in that model.
Posted by Kishore Pachava on 30-11--0001 at
Pretty Impressive product - TRUE FLAGSHIP KILLER! 4.0 stars
I really like the NORD 2, everything from camera, processor, touch, display everything are a true upgrade to the previous NORD 1. * Gaming is one among the best- mobile is also not heating much. * Screen brightness is little low - it's below 1000nits. * Battery is little less 4500mh and backup is around 5-6hours but charger is of top quality it gets charged within 30min. * Camera are pretty Decent, primary camera is amazing- 50mp, wide angle is decent, no need of monochrome lense. * Overall - I give it 4/5( very impressive product)
Posted by Prudhvi Jagannadhan on 30-11--0001 at
Huge Disappointment. Just a Marketing Gimmick 1.0 stars
Received OnePlus Nord 2 (256GB/ Hazel Blue) on 27th July. I've been a loyal user of OnePlus devices, and they have never disappointed me. Carrying forward the legacy, I had a lot of expectations from OnePlus Nord 2. But OnePlus failed me this time. The moment I started the device, I faced heating issue. Camera is average. Images are blurred even at 2x zoom. I've asked for a replacement. Just a caution to future OP customers, it's no more the same OP that it used to be few years back. It's truly a Chinese product now. All Marketing, no quality.
Posted by Vivek Sanghai on 30-11--0001 at
Best phone in this budget 3.0 stars
In this budget OnePlus nailed the specs. Performance is fast, battery lasts more than a day and half. Camera quality is pretty good (again for the budget). I'm facing software issues but I do believe they'll be ironed out later as this is the first iteration of oxygen+color OS. EDIT: Changing the rating from 5 to 3 stars because of the terrible software. It was released completely uncooked. Night mode in camera always takes really blurry photos, what was the point of incorporating OIS? Keyboard location and mistouch prevention doesn't work. You can't delete pre-installed Google apps. OnePlus' messages and caller apps were better. For some reason, at times the phone says the SIM's roaming has activated but in reality it isn't. It's still toggled off in the settings. There are many more such bugs and I was waiting for updates from OnePlus to fix them, but the recent update hasn't changed anything.
Posted by kshitijagr on 30-11--0001 at
Oneplus or OPPO ? 3.0 stars
Few points... I regret buying OP Nord 2: Brightness : though one never use full brightness but it is not upto the mark. OP 5 has better brightness. Good for people using only dark mode. But surely a deal breaker for me. Display and Fonts : only 3 options. Min/default/max. Very uncomfortable with few apps specially apps like WhatsApp. Again a deal breaker. Audio Quality : earphone With connector, the SQ is just avg. Nothing great to justify 30k. Speaker quality is decent, just like all other phones but no where close to Samsung S series. Camera : No full screen mode for pictures. No zoom in/out for Selfie. PQ is decent, but no where close to Samsung. Contact Info on lock screen : Can't find so far how to put it. Update on receipt of Product : Ordered on 26th Delivered today. Yet to explore the phone completely but the first thing that caught my attention was manufactured by "Oppo". None of the reviews on Youtube (Damn, all are paid and minting money from manufacturers) mentioned about this. So my question to Oneplus team is... Is the oneplus brand completely taken over by OPPO and just the premium of oneplus brand is being charged on this phone? If yes, then... had the same phone been launched with OPPO's brand, the price would have been 2k-5k cheaper for sure. Deducting 2 stars for this atm! This is my 3rd phone with oneplus brand (Yes, using the word brand now). Will come back with review later on price to product proposition and originality of Oneplus Brand! And yes, there is a news on OP N2 blast on a new phone while the lady was riding the bicycle. That's scary!
Posted by MZB on 30-11--0001 at