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OnePlus Nord 2 User Reviews

Bad display .looks like a cheap smartphone 1.0 stars
I am using one plus 5t currently .. Ordered one plus Nord 2 to upgrade my existing phone. Trust me the display of this Nord 2 looks like a cheap smartphone. Colours of one plus 5t are way nice and better. One plus is losing its credibility and brand value . Looks like a cheap smartphone. Using Nord 2 don't give a premium feel.
Posted by Vivek Gupta on 31-12-1969 at
Phone stopped working after 4hrs 1.0 stars
I was very excited once I received the phone. But i dont know why the phone switched off by itself after 4hrs of usage and never started again. Can be poor quality of the oneplus new series. Now a days oneplus is not working well for its customers
Posted by rohan badgujar on 31-12-1969 at
Worst battery performance 1.0 stars
Display is good, camera is average , speaker quality is everage , I am not a gamer so I can't measure performance, but definitely I can say it gives worst battery performance ,it gives 3-4 hours sreen on time although it charged the battery in 30-35 mmonutes , overall I am very disappointed ????????????????
Posted by Tapas on 31-12-1969 at
NORD 2- The flagship killer! Smooth as butter. 5.0 stars
The media could not be loaded.  TL;DR: Classy look and feel, 12GB version is smooth as butter, the pictures are detailed and true to life, Charges to 90% in just 30minutes with its 65w Dash Charger, No 3.5 mm headphone jack, free basic phone case in box. ???????? Received it today within a day of ordering the phone. So, this is the initial first look impression. Plus I've added my experience of using it for a week. This is what I liked- 1) Transition to the new phone was super easy thanks to the One Plus "Clone Phone" app. 2) The on-screen finger print sensor and the face recognition works like a flash! 3) Great haptic feedback, whether you type, use gestures, notifications you can feel it well and it's a great user experience. 2) The 90Hz refresh rate and the 12GB RAM makes the phone ultra smooth, transitions are seamless. The OnePlus launcher is pretty intuitive and gesture controls are cool. 3) I wish there was the option to disable or uninstall few inbuilt (bloatware) apps like Google Messages, Play Movies etc. directly from phone's app manager. However, you can enable developer mode and then uninstall those apps manually by connecting your phone to the laptop and then via adb commands. 4) The Grey model is having matte finish while the Blue Haze has glossy finish. While both the phones are very good in terms of grip and are not fingerprint magnets. 5) The main camera is too good, you get really true to life detailed pictures, portraits are professional, macros are great as well. Need to check how it performs in low light. I've added two photos (of new shoot of pine plant & Building facade), not sure if they would be uploaded in high quality or not, however, the detailing is superb. 6) Battery performance seems well optimized and the dash charger charges the battery from 0% to 90% in less than 30 minutes. Really Impressive charging speed????. My phone has lasted for approx 1 day 23 hours with singe charge &light usage. With heavy use like watching couple of hours of movies+ calls+ social media on screen time -- it lasted about 12-13 hours. 7) Those of you who use Google Play books to read epubs, it's gonna be a great experience to read the books in "eye comfort" mode for longer duration. 8) The free phone case that's provided is pretty decent, it's got raised ridges for the camera and the screen so you can use it until you get cases of your choices available in the market. Plus the grip is good. 9) I really find the slider useful to switch between 'Silent', 'Vibration', 'Ring'. Really thoughtfully made. What could have been better? 1) It's always good to give people the power to make decisions. OnePlus could have kept the easy to use 3.5mm headphone jack, it's not a big deal for me but it adds convenience and the need to not have another extra device to keep track of and charge regularly. Plus, frequently using the charging port for inserting the adapter for USB-c to 3.5mm earphone jack could be problematic. Also, you can't fast charge and listen to audio in that case. Using a Bluetooth earphone is fine, but 3.5mm jack is still the most practical audio interface because: Ease of use, longevity, convenience. (It's a con for me, I've got BT earphones still love wired earphones for sound quality, ease of use) 2) There isn't any secure folder (Samsung users would know the benefit of it) 3) The OnePlus Gallery app is fine, however you can't add rich text with customization in the edit mode to your images on phone. 4) The Battery! Could have provided a 6000mAh battery, too much to ask for? No- Samsung is providing it. However, thanks to the super-fast fast charging (within 30-40 mins) you won't feel this much. Remember to keep your dash charger safe!
Posted by Saurav Chatterjee on 31-12-1969 at
My experience after 14 days 5.0 stars
I am writing this review after using this Mobile from Last 14days. I know the confusion of a person who is going to spend Big amount of money on mobile. I gone through the same phase and I willl try to give my honest review about OnePlus nord 2 and cover all the aspects of it. I will make sure that after reading this review you will easily make your decision. 1) Camera rear camera : 5/5 front camera : 4/5 Awesome Rear camera with 50MP main perform super. I have attached images for reference. Focus is very fast and dynamic range is also Plus point. front camera is also good buy note best but I can say that over-all it's good in this price range. So many users are complaining about colour os code merge into oxygen os but I feel that camera quality is improved due to this. camera features are well organized compare to only oxygen os. 2) software experience : 5/5 It's awesome experience for me as I am coming from MIUI ( redmi note 4 ). Clean UI without any bloatware and ads. 3) Performance : 5/5 All applications are working very smoothly. I never encounter any lagging issues till now. I didn't play havey games on it so I am not aware about gaming performance. over-all I can say "Phone makkhan ki tarah chalta hy". 4) charging time : 5/5 super fast charging. 5) Face recognition Speed : 5/5 it's very very fast similar to charging Speed. 6) Fingerprint sensor Speed : 4/5 7) Battery Life : 4/5 It's give you 6-7 hours screen on time which is good. For me Full charging Last for 1.5 days. 8) Carrier Aggregation and network quality : 5/5 9) Look : 5/5 when you hold it on your hands it's look very primium Mobile. I have grey colour which comes with Matt finish. 10) Ram management : 3/5 This is bit disappointing part in OnePlus nord 2. I think this will improve after software update so no need to worry. 11) Heating issue Yes Mobile is heating bit when you use continuesoly for long time. But this is classical OnePlus issue and It can be solve through software update. 12) Haptic feedback : 5/5 13) Display : 5/5 14) speaker : 5/5 dual speakers with High loudness makes is awesome ???? conclusion : If you are normal user and looking for well balance Phone in all aspects then OnePlus nord 2 made for you in this price range. Just buy it and please don't forget to Thank me later ????
Posted by Jaydip P. on 31-12-1969 at
Damaged product received 1.0 stars
The media could not be loaded.  I got damaged product and i need this phone urgently but have to wait now
Posted by Deepak Garg on 31-12-1969 at
It's premium! Best phone under 30k nord is direct answer!! One bad is it asks many permissions 4.0 stars
I bought this as gift for my father!! Will share my First impressions. Pros: - In hand feel is premium felt like using samsung s series. - Display top notch for the price ???? with 90hz. - Practically oneplus made good camera phone under this price point. - This is a perfect 5g phone has all bands. - still oxygen os is main layer and feels like oxygen os - build quality is strong. As hardware good device. Cons : - kinda oppofication code base destroys oneplus UI experience. - asks many kinda permissions while setting up device. Like for camera app asks call permissions. Unwanted permissions. Overall its good phone for the price. It's start phase of oppo-fication!! Please oneplus stay as oxygen os don't turn into something else. That's the key mvp of oneplus.
Posted by Mohan on 31-12-1969 at
Not worth buying 3.0 stars
I received this phone yesterday and I'm really disappointed with pathetic camera as it can not capture good pics with close shorts & mostly this phone camera provides over contrast images in daylights and doesn't provide decent image in night mode & battery drains fast. Only thing you can be happy about this phone is battery charges very fast with 100% in just 33 minutes. I feel like cheated with this product purchase and if Amazon is checking on reviews. Please take back this phone & refund the amount or provide a better replacement in the same price range. Update 15/08 - Overall performance is ok now, however in close shots rear camera struggles. Update 27/08 - I still feel it's not worth buying. And for those who want to buy new handset in this price range should wait for Pixel 5a release in India.
Posted by Anonymous 1 on 31-12-1969 at
Phone is heating like hell always at 38°c ,not so worth it according to the hype they created . 1.0 stars
Phone is heating like hell always at 38°c ,not so worth it according to the hype they created .heats up to 44°c you can not touch the phone. heating is its major problem
Posted by Prakhar gupta on 31-12-1969 at
pathatic experience 1.0 stars
edited:- now I am from 2star to 1star because there is camera issue I facing if you use camera for 5-10 mins its automatically falls and closes Idk why all this issues are coming after 3rd update..???? please if you are purchasing the phone then understand there are a lot of phone available in the market which is better and chaper than this.eex. samsung A52,A72 Mi 10i, poco f3gt, realme dont go for look
Posted by prajwal gavhane on 31-12-1969 at