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OnePlus Nord 2T User Reviews

Not satisfied 1.0 stars
Its working perfectly fine.. no heating problem. Good battery performance. Am happy!
Posted by Amazon Customer on 28-07-2022 at
Best phone in this budget 5.0 stars
Pros : - Great display. Smooth (a pleasant 90Hz refresh rate), colors pop out really well, and the HDR definitely adds the extra edge (pun intended). - Premium in-hand feel. The phone feels great in the hand, and has the vibe of a higher end flagship device. well constructed body. - The speakers are clear and well balanced considering phone speakers in general. - The 80Watt VOOC charging is a blessing. The phone charges from zero to 100 in about 35-40 minutes. - Overall, a great purchase in this budget, I believe the One Plus Nord 2T to be the best smartphone in this price range. Cons : - The battery drains out very quickly. - The phone heats up a bit when using constantly for some time. - The Camera is not really great as I expected it to be, the AI camera mode makes the images blurry and over processed, due to some noise reduction algorithm. - The camera module in the back looks very pooly designed. The are three cameras, but the way its designed it almost looks like there's 4 cameras. Also, the low res depth sensor feels particularly useless, instead of that, they could just have two camera, one ultra wide and one 35/50mm.
Posted by Shamik Mukherjee on 28-07-2022 at
Go without second thought 5.0 stars
Go and buy without second thought. better buy Oneplus branded phones instead of buying cheap phones like realme,IQOO,OPPO Initally i was using realme phone and it has lot of bloatware and when we speak on phone call, ear gets heat and i am not noticed that in Oneplus. Screen is excellent when you compare any amoled display in all other brands. especailly UI Is excellent and no lag in that while accessing applications. Sound is so great in earphone as well inbuilt speaker. Phone is so premium and so light weight when you keep in hand and it so handy. Charging to 100% is taking 25-30 mins.. i have not noticed any heat especailly Oneplus sans font is really good and it is feel like IOS font. Cons : battery is slightly draining , that is ignorable since it has fast charging . Final Verdict: Whoever need branded phone with all features go without second thought.
Posted by VijayBhaskar on 28-07-2022 at
Honest Review after 3 weeks of use. 5.0 stars
Honestly it is one of the best phone I have ever used. We all know One plus is known for its brand and quality and this model stands a chance for that. Pros: Beautiful finishing 50 mp camera with 20x zoom 80 w super charger - My device charges from 0 to 100 in 29 minutes 1300 Chipset Full Amoled Display Android 12 Gorilla Glass 5 Cons Battery is just 4500 mAh. Battery trains fast which you are playing heavy games such as PUBG OVER-ALL its an amazing phone at this price range. You should give it a try. Go for 8 gb Ram and that's sufficient for heave gamers as well.
Posted by Ashutosh M. on 27-07-2022 at
This Product is Dope! 5.0 stars
If youre that guy who's confused between IQOO Neo 6 vs NOTE 2T vs Nothing Phone 1 vs Reno 8 then you should definitely go for this phone. Following conditions applied: 1. If you choose Quality with little here and there with Performance. 2. Not a serious gamer and need phone with optimal software and user experience. 3. Need a standard size phone viz is single handed and robust. 4. one who's lot more defined towards brand value. This phone performs way better than all the reviewers told in their videos. Trust me guys I've seen no heating issues, no lag, 90Hz performs very well and no big deal of getting 120Hz. This panel works well. Charging Experience is very good. Phone feels sturdy and premium. I was earlier going for Nothing and was confused between Nord 2t IQOO Neo 6 and this phone yet I chose this considering a balanced package at this price point. One plus never let you down. It is just that technology is getting saturated and people are like checking the antutu scores just for the gaming but if you're a casual user and need optimal software experience with ZERO bloatware this this is the perfect choice in this segment. Go for it......No regrets at all and don't look at the negative comments in the reviews. Plus that alert slider is also a premium feature.
Posted by PIYUSH on 26-07-2022 at
Wrost phone ever 1.0 stars
Wrost phone ever and not value for price too bad expierence while video recording battery drain in just 1.30hrs tooo bad exp Plz plz dont buy this phone tooo bad and amazon and oneplus dont even borther to take it back as i bought it for youtube rcording but its not in use becoz of battery drain too fast.....
Posted by sayed Imtiyaz on 26-07-2022 at
Amazon lost my trust. 1.0 stars
 My phone didnt switch on after purchase, amazon didn't replace the same. I have to suffer a lot ,now Iam claiming warranty/ repair from One plus.
Posted by Amit Singh S/O Late Prem Singh Contractor on 25-07-2022 at
Seriously disappointed. Heating up. Camera average. Poor video stability 2.0 stars
Device heats up even on minimal usage. When streaming video on YouTube or other platforms it abruptly pauses n resumes only when the device is restarted. Disappointed with the stability of the back camera whilst recording video. Seriosuly disappointed with one plus
Posted by Neha BHARATI on 25-07-2022 at
T stands for "Totally value of money" ???? 5.0 stars
So Im gonna give a quick and short review. It's lyk more than 3weeks I am using this phone. After doing so much of research and all I choose this phone as it's the first phone with my own earned money ???? So 1st the LOOK...No need to comment. Look is just wowww. And that jade green colour is just unique typ of CLR to have. WEIGHT wise it's not so heavy not so light type of phone. U gonna have a good in hand experience. CAMERA I have attached the pictures of daylight in the evening and in the night also. So u guys can judge by looking at those pictures. PS- those pictures without edits. STORAGE HUGeeee storage. 12+256gb! It's been 3wk and I have been able to fulfill only the 13% of storage. Though I feel if they could have provided the external storage it could have been complete storage pack. SPEED the touch performance of the phone is pretty good. It takes less time while switching from a app to another.
Posted by Prity Saren on 24-07-2022 at
Fluent and add free UI, Great form factor and in-hand feel, but theres a lot that can be improved 4.0 stars
Battery - 4/5 Pictures - Outside 3.5/5, Inside 3/5 UI - 3.5/5 (Fluent and lag free, but feels like outdated/old) Audio - 4.5/5 (Great audio, can have bit more refinement at higher levels) RAM Management - 4/5 (Till now its fine, not verified on heavy usage) Value for money - 3/5 (Should have been priced around 22-24k instead of 34k)
Posted by Ankit Bansal on 24-07-2022 at