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Oppo F11 Pro User Reviews

I did pruduent by purchasing this mobile. 4.0 stars
I purchased this product by simply paying 15000 Rs on mobile exchange mode. This was the first pruduent thing, I made in my life. The oppo F11 is a beautiful well designed with premium features. Battery is outstanding with fast charging. It took only 1 hour to charge from 0 to 90\\%. Face recognition is excellent. Screen quality and its durability are quite respectable. Any how the more you ready to pay, the more premium features you can avail. Overall I am completely satisfied with this product.
Posted by M.maheshwar on 09-05-2019 at amazon.in
Excellent Phone 5.0 stars
It is a brilliant phone at the price point. In the looks dept. there's nothing better. Cameras are good, not perfect, but very good indeed. Everyone will enjoy the battery life, its actually keeping up with me & im on mobile day into night.The display csreen has no complaints, but the brightness in general and reading in sublight will leave you slightly dissapointed.For what i paid, i got a beautiful, sturdy, capable smarphone with chlear bezels & no notches & that pop up camera... its to play with.
Posted by GaneshPrasad on 09-05-2019 at amazon.in
Fantastic product, Love the Phone. 5.0 stars
Specs are great,for 25000 it is definitely worth it.Hit Like if you agree!
Posted by Amazon\_guy on 07-05-2019 at amazon.in
Superb camera 5.0 stars
The camera is too good. No words to describe the image quality. 48 mp camera is superb. Other features of the phone are also good
Posted by Anand Salvi on 03-05-2019 at amazon.in
Best Mobile in Current Market 5.0 stars
There is nothing to dislike about the phone. Everything is simply perfect so then may it be battery life, camera quality, processing of apps etc. Simply awesome. I would strongly recommend this device to everyone
Posted by chetan s. on 01-05-2019 at amazon.in
Good phone with high end features 5.0 stars
Everything is amazing in this phone. the screen resolution is awesome which makes Netflix and you tube so much better. the front camera can be better but the rear camera is good.. I got this for 15k and this is worth every penny spent. !
Posted by Ipshita on 01-05-2019 at amazon.in
Phone is good, but received damaged back panel 4.0 stars
Phone performance is really very good, camera is just mind blowing, speed, charging VOOC 25mins full charge, selfie camera way too good, but received damaged back body twice, replaced once, but received the other one in more bad condition, tried replacing but amazon does not allow second time replacement.
Posted by Shaz on 30-04-2019 at amazon.in
Horrible camera. Don't buy this phone. 2.0 stars
It's definitely not to be called a camera phone. I got this for my wife. And camera is horrible. Pictures are not sharp. Once you zoom the pic you can see picture is full of grains.I thought Of returning it and buying one plus 6 which is an amazing phone and I am using it since 6 months. But there is no return possible. It can only be replaced. So my honest suggestion - put 10k more and buy one plus 6.
Posted by pranavastudios on 26-04-2019 at amazon.in
Perfectly Satisfied 5.0 stars
Pictures come out very Good. Never before experienced such photos from a mobile device. Very fast charging.. Rather magically fast and then another plus is, the battery drains very very slowly.. I don't carry the charging accessories anymore. In gaming.. Hugely different.. No notch display gives you a cinematic experience kind of..
Posted by Dr Ravi Sahu on 26-04-2019 at amazon.in
Best notch less mobile with all required techs 5.0 stars
Best full screen mobile without any stupid notches. Apple designed notch others just followed. Oppo is creating next gen technology whereas iPhone is stuck with outdated tech. Only genuine problem is it's hybrid slot. Why did they even made a hybrid slot?
Posted by Shreejith on 25-04-2019 at amazon.in