Oppo F3 Plus User Faqs

which one iz best oppo f3plus or f5
F3+ has best specification as compared to oppo F5 i.e. battery, processor, fast charging, 4Krecording,dual camera etc F5 benifit is only,6" display in compact size
Posted by Ravindra Sutar at flipkart.com
i have seen many reviews many are saying about the heating problems will u plz say me is it heat or not ?Alsoo tellme plz what are all the works done on this mobile get heated? so i will be get savdan
I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and it's working absolutely fine, no heating issue. best part of this phone are Camera, RAM and battery
Posted by Shyam Sunder Gupta at flipkart.com
does it have gorila glass
Yes it has protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5!
Posted by Dipak Moharana at flipkart.com
have fingerprint log?
Posted by sudeep chatterjee at flipkart.com
redmi note 5 pro or f3 plus??
Oppo F3 Plus is better than Redmi Note 5 Pro. 1. RAM Performance is better 2. Camera Quality 3. Nice Look
Posted by Harendra Kumawat at flipkart.com
is it waterproof
no is not a waterproof as per the feature based on mobile another thing i was not tested personally in my device ..
Posted by arvind thakre at flipkart.com
Is it gorrilla glass
Posted by Malay Show at flipkart.com
does it support VoLTE network?
Yes It is supporting VoLTE netwrok
Posted by Arun Golder at flipkart.com
does it support otg?
Posted by Rashi Saxena at flipkart.com
it have finger print screen lock ? Yes ; where?
yes. in middle
Posted by Rahul Dutta at flipkart.com