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Oppo K10 5G User Reviews

Camera is not working 3.0 stars
Back camera not good
Posted by SATISH LOHAN on 18-09-2022 at amazon.in
Gyroscope has issue 2.0 stars
Gyroscope sensors has issue with this model ,plz not to buy if you love gaming like pubg ,it has poor sensitivity ,and customer care will not respond eventhough its under warrenty
Posted by VICKYMAN on 12-09-2022 at amazon.in
All good apart from camera ???? 4.0 stars
All spec is good for this price range but only drawback is camera ???? its been month since i bought this phone hence in writing this review with experience ????
Posted by Arnold on 08-09-2022 at amazon.in
Good camera very best quality no issues with gaming free fire quality high settings and good processor front camera sensor sony
Posted by HIMANSHU JANGID on 05-09-2022 at amazon.in
Value for money 5.0 stars
Value for money
Posted by sarkar on 04-09-2022 at amazon.in
Awesome 5.0 stars
Awesome....good battery back up ..... camera is also good....no hanging probs....its super smooth
Posted by Ashique Ikbal on 30-08-2022 at amazon.in
Good performance 5.0 stars
Every thing is good
Posted by VIPIN on 24-08-2022 at amazon.in
Ok 5.0 stars
Play Video
Posted by nisarali on 18-08-2022 at amazon.in
Ok 3.0 stars
Posted by Paras G. on 16-08-2022 at amazon.in
Camera quality is not good 3.0 stars
Posted by Kailash Kumar Sahu on 15-08-2022 at amazon.in