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Oppo K3 User Reviews

Some what ok better go for realme X 5.0 stars
Ok and satisfied with its price. Pop camera wakes fastly, in display finger print also worked faster. Gaming experience pakka.. but camera effects are slightly artificial, memory storage is a major con.. best battery life and faster charging speed
Posted by Raj sri on 24-08-2019 at amazon.in
Best phone in the price range 4.0 stars
Pros1. Good picture quality of both cameras2. Good touch sensor3. Good RAM speed4. Huge internal memory i.e. ROM5. Good sound quality6. Good charging speed7. Face recognition8. Finger touch biometric enabledCons1. No external memory card slot2. Battery backup required more3. Little heavier in weight
Posted by Deepak Yadav on 22-08-2019 at amazon.in
After useage of 20 days. 4.0 stars
This is my first oppo phone and I can say at 14990 after discount its value for money I used mi phones extensively before this purchase but due to overpriced k20 I decided to go for this phone ,I received product on 2 August ,PorsSuper fast performance no lagDisplay superSpeaker superFast charging in 40min form 20\\% to 90\\%Continues 5 hours pubg play battery packNo over heating , little heat near back camera side.Cameras or both superFingerprint working fineConsOnly one It was disappointed because It has only 48 gb available when I opened and started the phone.Bit it has no expendable memory slot. It has only 38GB after installing basic apps and pubg, which is very less storage space in current multiple mobile application scenario. It is useless since it has no expendable memory slot.Value for money no problem it's good.
Posted by puneeth on 22-08-2019 at amazon.in
Worth the Money. 5.0 stars
1.can play Pubg, fortnite, Mobilegends, Asphalt Legend with ease. NO Lag issues till now.2. Battery Full charge in between 30 minutes. Last a day with Heavy gamming,3.Camera & video meets daily standard requirements, if you aint a pro photographer. (Sideload google cam, works like charm)4.Fingerprint,face unlock no issues.5.Facing net issues with jio sim, frequency issues, mostly selects 850 mhz and 2300 mhz band, in our region 1800mhz 4g band is the most stable.
Posted by kilen on 21-08-2019 at amazon.in
Oppo K3 is a Oppo K3 5.0 stars
Oppo K3 is best mobile around 20000 camera quality, sound quality, battery quality, AMOLED display quality (my favorite display), unique design, in display fingerprint is works nice and fast. I can support dual volte support (i will used two jio sim at the same time it's works), Major advantage its support VOOC Charger the mobile can charged 0 to 100 in 1hrs. But no slot for memory card.
Posted by GopinaathVj on 20-08-2019 at amazon.in
One of the best phones in the market and yes you can buy it 5.0 stars
Pros1. Higher end specifications at optimal price2. Excellent interface. OPPOs os is user friendly3. Display will be very tasty to your eyes.4. Battery life is good.5. Super fast charging.6. Finger print is faster than oneplus 6T finger print.7. No lagsCons1. No ear phones inside the box.2. Out of 8gb, 4 gb has been already used up by inbuilt apps. Yet fast for a common user.3. Some Gestures are malfunctioning, if there are more than two music apps.4. Power buttons are not placed ergonamically. "yet one of the best phones in the market and yes you can buy it"
Posted by Uday Teja Reddy on 19-08-2019 at amazon.in
Marvelous peice at low price.. 5.0 stars
Great phone at 14000..everything is great in this price ..no other mobile compete this at this price tag..super amoled ..pop up camera..on screen finger print scanner..attractive design.. lightweight..fast processor..air kya Chahiye Bhai..battery is little bit low but fast charger iski Kami Puri Kar deta hai..age aap Lena cahhte Hain to ankh Bandh Karke let sakte hai..
Posted by Manohar lal on 19-08-2019 at amazon.in
Phone looks good, but battery life is below paar. 3.0 stars
Hotspot is the only thing I have used since the first day.Tested camera clarity. Selfy cam is so good, even far better than rear camera. But battery life is so ordinary.I have Mi note 3, one Plus 6. Each one's battery lasts almost entire day even at full use. But with this phone, only hotspot took all battery in 10-11hrs. No calls, no vidoes, no music, no camera. These stats are for the last one week.Other basic features worked fine at my use, and those aren't alarming.
Posted by Srinivas PS on 17-08-2019 at amazon.in
OnePlus Nahi Toh OPPO Hi Sahi!! 4.0 stars
Bought this in exchange and been using this device for about 2 weeks or so and here are my initial thoughts in a neatly curated Pros and Cons list :PPros:-Got the blue and purple variant and the looks are great for this price range.-Feels sturdy and well weighted in hands, though the device is a bit slippery due to the material choices, the weight of the device make it a bit more firm in hands unlike the iPhones.-Comes with a VOOC charger and charges the device really fast as advertised. Cable and charger quality is good. You can use OnePlus charger and Cable with this for fast charging(VOOC charging).-The Display is AMOLED and supports sRGB color gamut.-Performance is great as expected, still have to witness a lag in this device.-On Idle without any app in Background RAM usage to close to 3GB out of 6GB which is I thing OKAY but could be made better in future updates.-Rear Camera is great with okay dynamic range and great color reproduction.-Front camera is only OKAY for the price. Colors are okay, Edge detection is great for the price range.-Speaker quality is awesome and in-call speaker and loud speaker works great.-Noise cancellation in calls works like a charm.-Battery is 4000mAH and it lasts around 2 days easily for my usage. In terms of Screen On Time I usually get around 4.5 hrs on very heavy usage and around 6 hours on average usage.-The device comes with a pre-applied screen protector and a case which looks like it can protect the device from a fall or two easily.-A bit of bloatware is found on the device but nothing that can't be removed from existence except 2 or 3 apps.-Face Unlock is great and works every time and may be the fastest way to unlock this device.Cons:-The device boasts an AMOLED display but still the device is a bit THICC and that can be negative point for some users.-Speaking of display the colors are accurate but the saturation is a bit low for my liking and reds are not deep enough in default setting but you can change that in Developer settings by switching on the sRGB mode.-I hate every UI that is not OXYGEN OS or STOCK Android, so I hate COLOR OS too. There is no support for bootloader unlocking by OPPO and I just hate that. The whole point behind Android is to customize and try different ROMS by different developers.-I was unable to remove some of the Bloatware and this pissed me off a lot. I tried the ADB method and removed a lot of apps, After all the hard work I only had like 10 apps in my app drawer including Google apps and two bloatware apps that I cannot remove as I cannot find the package name for the apps.-Charger and cables are white and though they look clean now but not for long.-Front camera over exposes the image and suffers from dynamic range in indoors and artificial lighting.-AI Processor has not impressed me yet in any aspect of this device and I am still waiting on my turn to get wowed by AI.-The Idle RAM usage needs attention as this device can easily last more than 3 days but due to too much RAM consumption the battery life suffers, hope this gets sorted out in future updates.-In-Display fingerprint sensor is not too accurate and misses out sometimes.-The Device comes with Dolby Certification for Headphones and Speaker. But to me the audio quality was not improved by the Dolby feature by even a hair. This Bass is all muddy, Mids are unfocused and highs are just plain boring. I used PowerAMP apps and ATH M50x headphones and Shure SE215 IEMs. I tried the EQ in Dolby app and PowerAMP both, but to my surprise nothing worked for me. (Compared to NOKIA 6.1 Plus and Redmi Note 7Pro)In Conclusion I would like to say that this is a great device if you do not hate themed UIs and too much features in an OS that make it confusing and non-intuitive. There are a lot of features and a lot of settings in the settings app. For me Color OS is a hybrid between iOS and Android, they are trying to give best UI experience by bringing iOS like features in Android but they keep forgetting to optimize the OS instead of adding new features in the OS.I hope OPPO learns something from their sibling OnePlus on how to listen to their customers and serve them better in future.
Posted by Vishwendra Singh on 17-08-2019 at amazon.in
20 days honest review ! 5.0 stars
Its been 20 says I am using this mobile and I will share you my perspectives about this phone.1. The finger print on screen feels classy and is very fast while in Samsung A50 its super slow.2. Got it at offer for 15000 so its the best deal ever for me.3. You can play pubg at high frame rate without lag and framedrop and also it doesn't have any sign of heating.4. Yes if you use it heavily all the day youight need to get it charged at the day end but yea its vooc 3.0 does not let you feel that you need to wait while its charging. It charges fully in just 1 hour.5. Camera quality is very good rear one...focus is fast and for the front the quality of selfies ypu will get is awesome. Yes you might get some issue with the bokeh effect but I don't use camera that much so its doesn't matter at all.6. The build is premium and it feel good and looks best in class after you put a nice live wallpaper. The screen quality is one of the most awesome feature of this device. I really appreciate the company.7. Yes I like stock Android than ColorOS, that I need to compromise but after 2 weels of use I got used to it.8. The face unlock is super fast you just click and in fraction of a second it comes out and unlocks the phone. Oppo claims it has 5 years life.
Posted by srijan on 16-08-2019 at amazon.in