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Oppo R15 Pro User Reviews

Awesome 5.0 stars
Posted by Bidhan chandra mondal on 04-03-2019 at amazon.in
nice 4.0 stars
Posted by Pavan on 04-03-2019 at amazon.in
Nice 5.0 stars
Posted by Dr Basavanand Mashetty on 04-03-2019 at amazon.in
'R' series is best series of OPPO 5.0 stars
I spend lots of money on premium Mobiles of top brands HTC, Sony.. But I impressed with oppo R series beat all top brands with quality and true value of money. I used R9 for 2 years and still no issue with battery camera and performance. Oppo r15pro is equipped with advice technology & nominal price .
Posted by Gurdeep Singh on 03-03-2019 at amazon.in
Good 5.0 stars
Posted by kaushal.shah on 03-03-2019 at amazon.in
Nice 5.0 stars
Posted by Suman Kumar K on 01-03-2019 at amazon.in
battery is very low 3.0 stars
battery is low need to charge twice for norma use hence make sure your requreiment before purchasing it else good
Posted by Nilesh Patil on 28-02-2019 at amazon.in
Good 4.0 stars
Posted by akhil on 27-02-2019 at amazon.in
Cost is high this model 4.0 stars
Value is very high
Posted by Ramsingh.j on 27-02-2019 at amazon.in
Fantastic phone 5.0 stars
Posted by Rakhi on 27-02-2019 at amazon.in