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Realme GT 2 User Reviews

GT2 the incompetent paper tiger 1.0 stars
On paper the specs of this gt2 model looks fantastic but thats not the case. This Gt2 is filled with bugs and issues. The Realme UI 3 is not completely optimised for hardware specs on the phone. There are lags and jitters in most of the departments. The screen transition lags on occasions , the speaker quality is different at times, the colour reproduction is varied, etc,etc. The phone gets heated up for no reason, even just carrying it in a pocket in broad daylight gets the phone to heat up. The phone gets easily heated up in 15 minutes of usage. sometimes I keep it at a distance, scared where it may catch fire. The battery is the worst, literally no backup whatsoever . I am not a gamer but a moderate multimedia user and not much on calls yet I have to charge my phone 3 times in a day, sometimes I wonder if it is a 5000 mah battery or 500 mah battery. The sound quality at the earpiece is different at times and behaves differently for different applications. The 120 Hz refresh rate is not well optimised for all applications. The Display is different for each ott platform and behaves very differently in broad daylight. I have been using this phone for nearly a week now and i have already reset the phone twice and visited the Realme service centre regarding the issues and got the software reloaded but still the problems persists. The Gt2 model in India has not got a single Major update from the time of it's launch regarding the issues, in spite of repeated complaints raised by the users in the Realme community and many other platforms. This shows Realme's integrity towards its patrons. I would certainly not recommend this model to anyone due to its flaws.
Posted by Prashanth Shanbhag on 28-05-2022 at
Heating issue 2.0 stars
heating issue, please fix this problem, i cant use phone camera more than 30 minutes, do not buy this phone.
Posted by Chirag on 26-05-2022 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
Value for money ????
Posted by Afraz Appu on 30-11--0001 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
Great phone,real value for money ????????
Posted by akash joseph on 30-11--0001 at
Very Good 4.0 stars
Worth the Money The phone is amazing.Some people may get heat and battery drain issues due quick device connect ,try re installing from net with a higher version ,I got it fixed. Overall best all rounder for 29,999. Above average camera 120 hz display,Powerful chipset, Special attention to sound quality with Dolby Atmos Battery can last 10-12 hr with normal use. Cons: Absence of 3.5 mm jack, Need better ram management. NB : Beware of the white paper back, its little difficult to maintain as...
Posted by Akshay Jacob John on 30-11--0001 at
Classy product 5.0 stars
Very good phone best'in this price ????
Posted by AMAN OHRI on 30-11--0001 at
Super! 5.0 stars
It's a good phone for daily usage.
Posted by Amol on 30-11--0001 at
Horrible 1.0 stars
Facing battery drainage issues. Really upset with the battery performance I am getting only 3 hr screen on time. If you are really concerned about the battery then remove Realmegt2 from your basket.
Posted by annabathins venkata sai krishna on 30-11--0001 at
Just okay 3.0 stars
Amazing phone! If you are confused between iqoo 9se and realme GT2 . I can say that just buy realme, it is full of features, customisation and it's look is❤️‍????. I must say if you want a balanced phone in every term,you should look to this phone. BUT BUT BUT There is a major problem which is Direct video call from google dialer . When I tried to do video call then it only shows black screen on both mobiles so buy it if you are a gamer not for official use.This is a suggestion for you all ....
Posted by Anukalp Kumar Sah on 30-11--0001 at
Terrific purchase - 30K All-rounder 5.0 stars
Great product, I get around 8.5 hours screen on time in normal usage, good display, speakers and camera. Overall had a good experience with it. But to new people who are buying this phone - please disable "Quick device connect" using ADB Appcontrol, because this app may drain battery a lot in some phones, I had the problem at first, disabled it and now the battery life is amazing, I am not able to finish it within a day, even after gaming for an hour or so per day.
Posted by Arjun V on 30-11--0001 at