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Samsung Galaxy A30 User Reviews

Horrible 1.0 stars
over heating. worst mobile . camera is ok.
Posted by LAL SINGH on 02-05-2019 at
Terrible product 1.0 stars
device battery back up is very bad, it drains very fast ,and now mobile got abruptly switched off today evening for no reason tried a lot not able to switch on the mobile.I had an horrible experience ever since i bought the mobile. I want to return it.
Posted by Malobika Pathak on 25-04-2019 at
Not recommended at all 1.0 stars
I purchased this product from flipkart on 10th April. the specification of the phone is good. but once suddenly it stopped working and got all black for around an hour.vibtried restarting the phone but nothing happened. calls were coming but nothing was visible on the screen it went all black.Request to flipkart please sell good quality product as we are trusting you and spending so much money.
Posted by Aina Shahid on 24-04-2019 at
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
camera performance is good in day light. Low light photography is very poor. Need to update the camera features.
Posted by Abhishek Samanta on 23-04-2019 at
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
excellent camera performance.......beautifull look
Posted by Abhishek Mishra on 23-04-2019 at
Fair 3.0 stars
This product is good but version but old system..
Posted by Debapriya Dinda on 18-04-2019 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
value for money
Posted by SANAL PM on 17-04-2019 at
Just wow! 5.0 stars
Posted by soumen biswas on 13-04-2019 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
brilliant Samsung mobile and battery backup is good
Posted by Vijay k Yadav on 11-04-2019 at
Super! 5.0 stars
Posted by AMIT THAKUR AMIT THAKUR on 11-04-2019 at