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Samsung Galaxy A50 User Reviews

Super! 5.0 stars
Value for money..
Posted by MOHD ANAS KHAN on 14-04-2019 at
Good quality product 4.0 stars
Everything is good. Facing problems with fingerprint sensor.
Posted by Pranay Kumar on 13-04-2019 at
Good phone, Punchy big display, No lag, Good Battery&Selfie 5.0 stars
Perfect phone for my needs, I am not a fan of playing games but i consume lots of online media ( tv shows, youtube etc.) so my focus was best display , camera , fast \ lag free operation. I zeroed down to two phones A50 and note 7 pro. Note 7 pro specs vise everything is good but the quality and SAR value was a concern in note 7 pro and also availability of Note7 pro is bad.About A50 this phone is generally available for buying. i got it on Saturday evening. The phone display is very good....
Posted by kumar robin on 12-04-2019 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
Display,Camera,Battery,Network speed are all outstanding. Speaker could have been better.
Posted by Anil Kuriakose on 12-04-2019 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
excellent product .......
Posted by SUSHOVAN RAY on 11-04-2019 at
Just wow! 5.0 stars
Camera is not good.. overall up to the mark
Posted by Robin Sharma on 11-04-2019 at
Terrific 5.0 stars
A premium phone with premium look and feel. Good camera and 6GB serves your purpose well.
Posted by Debanjan Das Deb on 11-04-2019 at
Delightful 4.0 stars
super... awesome display...
Posted by KRISHNA ACHARYA on 11-04-2019 at
Worth the money 4.0 stars
samsung a50 is a bit on value for money side, but its in display print is literally very slow because of that am using other lock type, hoping that in display fingerprint scanner will get improvements in the further updates to come, apart from fingerprint scanner the device doesnt have any issue,
Posted by Syed yusuf Hussaini on 11-04-2019 at
Delightful 4.0 stars
fingerprint is the worst from all mobiles that I have used till now others all fine
Posted by prakash madhavan on 11-04-2019 at