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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos User Reviews

Disappointing 1.0 stars
I bought this Galaxy after my iPhone 4s as my first Android, and i'm very sad to say that samsung has unfortunately done nothing to improve user experience. Repeated hangs, no software updates for OS, and the worst part is that it cost 21k. There's no Snapdragon processor in this, nor does it have a fluid usage. Go for iPhones. They're the best, or HTC, or higher end Samsung phones. DO not go for this. IT's out of its league anyway.
Posted by Rupam Das on 30-06-2015 at
Very very bad 1.0 stars
This mobile sucks...such a disgusting hangs like should do happens with almost all the samsung mobile....i feel like throwing it after using a year... anybosy who is thinging of buying it should scrap their idea and switch to other android mobiles. It is high time samsung should realize and do the needful
Posted by Sujata on 16-05-2015 at
Worst Phone that i Experience so far 1.0 stars
i bought this phone around 2-3 months back and i found lots of problem like Auto switched off, Hanging on, discharge of battery ,some time unable to detect the SIM and finally i dumped this phone. Think before buy.
Posted by Prasanta Kumar on 23-04-2015 at
even 1 star is an over-rating!! 1.0 stars
Battery life is just amazing!! When fully charged.. the phone runs for 1/2 an hr (without 3g or making any calls) without any issues!! That's SIMPLY BRILLIANT, AMAZING, .. cannot ask for more luxury with 21k!!! GO FOR THIS PHONE IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A SHOW-PIECE.
Posted by Srinithya Ravichandran on 12-04-2015 at
Samsung's days are numbered 1.0 stars
This phone is the crappiest phone ever.1) Battery life is a joke. After 9 months of use I am hardly getting 6-7 hrs max of battery life. I am NOT a gamer, and not a heavy user.2) Full Battery charge takes atleast 4 hrs. This big sized idiot phone has to be kept on charging most of the time.3) The OS is Bloatware. Samsung has bundled it with 101 FREE apps which are basically good for nothing, just eating up your RAM and battery. Cant even disable them.4) Slowest of them all. Camera takes ...
Posted by Prakhar Goel on 09-11-2014 at
Worst performance 1.0 stars
I bought this phone a year ago. Performance is very bad. Its hangs every now and then. Battery life is worst. Its total waste of money.
Posted by Vaishnavi Vijay on 17-09-2014 at
Not worth having it 2.0 stars
I purchased this mobile with high expectation as paying 19k should be considered as a high range purchase but I am very dissapointed with the quality I got. the processor is very slow,hangs very frequently. The connectors(headphone,charger) are with poor quality that it breaks frequently. I had to rush to the service center twice as the connectors were busted.Now the new problem is that it does not take all chargers except just one when the chargers are charging other phones seamlessly. still...
Posted by Dipankar Ganguli on 07-07-2014 at
It Sucks :| 2.0 stars
After about a year of using this phone, the experience through out has just been intolerable. Like from the day this little white Samsung shit came in my hand, to the moment it was tossed into the dustbin where it belongs. It is just so freaking crazy slow! Crashing all the time, couldn't even switch between the home screens without a lag, and all such crap.
Posted by Omkar Yadav on 01-06-2014 at
Performance is average!!! 3.0 stars
I have been using this phone for last five months. Phone hangs very frequently if I use wifi. Overall performance is bad. Takes too much time to open an app or file. The only thing I like about this phone is the camera. Moto G is better than this phone if you don't consider camera.
Posted by ravi shekhar on 01-05-2014 at
Best phone for 16K price.. 5.0 stars
I've been using this phone for last 3 months and I am pretty satisfied with its performance..It lags some times but maintaining such a large screen with heavy Touchwiz interface is not an easy matter.. Pros: Camera**, Display*, Sleek design*, Gpu*, Flip covers inclded**Cons: 1.2 GHz Dual core is simply not enough... We cannot blame samsung for the processor as the Grand 2 is already rolled out...Conclusion is best featured phone with some adjustments for 16K budget..
Posted by Santhi Sri on 17-04-2014 at