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Samsung Galaxy M14 5G User Reviews

Great budget phone from Samsung 5.0 stars
Overall a good budget phone with a decent camera and great battery life. Pros: 1. Display is good at this price point as it supports FHD+ & Viewing angles are great infact. Thanks to 90hz refresh rate which make the scrolling smooth. Bezels are bit thick than usual phones at this price range. 2. Great battery (6000mah) - Even with the heavy usage Im getting 8-9hrs of screen time. With moderate use I'll get around 10hrs. Charging typically take 1-1½ hours to fully charge. I recommend to maintain a charging cycle of 15-85 as recomened by samsung. 3. Camera - Main camera takes good pics ???? It maintains a balanced dynamic range, portraits are also good for this budget price. Blurs both humans as well as objects. I'm disappointed with the vanish of wide angle camera. Instead of dept and macro they could have provided a wide angle cam. 4. Performance is good for the price range. Casual gaming does the job fine. Can't rely for heavy games. 5. 3.5mm headphone jack is a blessing from samsung which most of the companies ignore. 6. Speaker is loud n good but now good as stero. 7. Voice focus works well too in noisy environment. 8. All the 13 essential 5G bands are available which a good with 2OS upgrade and 2yrs of security patch. But no NFC, no Carrier Aggrigation support. Also no IP rating. I will recommend for people who mostly use the phone for media consumption more and moderate users who don't do gaming.
Posted by Vijay Kumar on 14-05-2023 at
Okay Samsung, I concede - This is honestly a very value-for-money offering 5.0 stars
This phone is an overall value for money. I got the whole package for 13250 and by whole I mean - Phone + 25W Samsung Adapter + Back Case, these were bought fairly recently in the sale. Coming to the Cons first, since they are very minimal: 1. No adapter, back case out of the box. 2. Kind of an outdated design - water drop notch vs punch-hole, I would prefer the latter. 3. No ultra-wide camera. 4. Bezels are a bit thick at the neck area. 5. Sort of a heavy device. 6. Only 25W peak charging capability. 7. Few bloatwares pre-installed, but uninstallable. 8. No wifi 6 (ax) 9. No stereo speakers 10. No IR blaster Now, I have been very nitpicky here and I would only mind the first, third, eight points and to a small extent, the sixth point, since I am at heart, a performance oriented person. Coming to the Pros, this one is going to be an exhaustive list: 1. 2 years of OS upgrades, so you can see it running android 15 as well and thus is coupled with 4 years of security upgrades as well - This is huge! By the way, it is android 13 out-of-the-box. 2. Type C to C cable included in-box, futuristic. 3. PLS LCD panel used, better than an IPS display. 4. Camera performance is good for the price. 5. 6000mAh battery - no worries of charging. 6. Widevine L1 support. 7. Good bright display, visible in sunlit conditions. 8. Good enough volume. 9. Yes! A dedicated memory card support! 10. 13 5G bands, future-ready for sure! Also 4G+ (carrier-aggregation) works well. 11. Exynos 1330 5nm, ensures a good battery life and is also better than the Snapd 695 (atleast on paper) - Now this is a big deal, 695 is the midrange king, even now and this phone offers a better processor at a much less price, unbelievable! 12. 128 GB storage, this is uncharacteristic of Samsung, they wouldve given only 64GB if they weren't serious about this phone. 13. 90Hz display, phew they didn't forget this. 14. Voice focus mode for better calls in busy areas. 15. Ufs 2.2 storage type, speed ensured. 16. Gorilla glass 5 protection. 17. Samsung service centers being one of the best and omnipresent, you will not have to worry about device issue resolution. So, this is pretty much it. I believe the only legit competitor this phone has, at the time of writing, is Moto G62 and the M14 wings it effortlessly. Conclusion: I have never liked Samsung, if I am being real, but this phone gave me almost no serious lackings. So, yeah, for the first time I feel that Samsung has actually launched an immensely value-for-money device. It is indeed the complete package and I believe I got it at a ridiculously low price.
Posted by Chitra Gupta on 13-05-2023 at
Good 4.0 stars
Value for money
Posted by Pravin on 13-05-2023 at
Nice phone minus outside use display 4.0 stars
Biggest con is its display for outside use…. Best budget phone. Strictly only for browsing not for gaming. Good sound quality
Posted by vinit s on 13-05-2023 at
Good battery , fast 6gb ram 4.0 stars
A great battery back up, very efficient 6 gb ram which ensures fast switching between different apps
Posted by Abhishek Thakur on 12-05-2023 at
Performance good, but adaptor not g 4.0 stars
Performance good ????. But adaptor not given and USB cable both side C-type this disappointed. bye new adaptor extra expense and extra electronic dump.
Posted by Kindle Customer on 12-05-2023 at
Design is good but heating issue 3.0 stars
One demerit of the phone is heating.Even very low usage of data on only gets heated. Except that everything is good.
Posted by Rajivlochan on 12-05-2023 at
Heating Issues 3.0 stars
Its too much heating within few minutes of use
Posted by Hirani B. on 11-05-2023 at
Best phone 5.0 stars
The phone has a very sleek and Aesthetic design and has good specs and the company has the value of money Overall the product is very good
Posted by Riddhi C. on 11-05-2023 at
Missing warranty card 4.0 stars
In courier warranty card not available.
Posted by vijay anand on 11-05-2023 at