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Samsung Galaxy M30 User Reviews

Much more than good, but bit less than perfect! 4.0 stars
I've bought 4+64gb variant. It is very good, but not perfect, as I imagined. The camera quality is amazing. Wide angle camera is epic! But I was expecting manual exposure time in pro mode. No heating problem at all! Charging and battery is awesome! But it's face recognition is not that good. Fingerprint sensor give a very small delay, about half a sec. Screen is amazing with 1080p resolution. It also gives good performance while playing PUBG. I highly recommend this phone to those who are trying to buy a good budget phone.
Posted by Acchyut Kulkarni on 20-04-2019 at
Awsome phone for 18k 5.0 stars
Great phone 4 this price great battery life superb display average sound doesn't having stereo sound only one drawback is that it doesn't have security folder like other Samsung phones if u r looking for a Samsung phone with security folder go for a50 otherwise great phone
Posted by SAJITHKUMAR KR on 20-04-2019 at
An overrated underperforming phone. 1.0 stars
It's been 2 weeks since I'm using the m30 4/64 phone. While on the outside the phone looks stunning and the display is ever glowing eye catching the phone is nothing but disappointing when it comes to performance. The face recognition is slow and below average at best but the fi gerprint sensor makes up for it. Due to the notch display and the huge screen you will end up touching the phone where you never meant to. The camera is decent with comparison to current standards.The processor is its biggest weakness. The phone is noticeably slow for medium yo heavy users. While the Ram is 4gb it doesn't reflect on the performance. Games like PUBG hang and move very slow with an infuriating lag. I stopped playing pubg since I got this phone. The battery capacity is huge. 5000mah. It will easily last you a day (18) hours but on the flip side it takes that much longer get for it to charge.The software is unreliable. The phone stopped taking network by the end of first week in use. I have already been to the service center twice.The screen sometimes goes blank when you're watching a video and turn the phone horizontally. The lock button is way too sensitive so you will end up accidentally locking and unlocking often. As far as image stabilization after zoom is concerned,iPhone 6 beats it even today and I'm saying this out of experience not on a speculative whim.In conclusion,while the phone is cheap for its specifications it does not match up to Samsung's brand name. There are much better phones out there with better performance at possibly a cheaper rate.
Posted by Aditya on 18-04-2019 at
Heating issue while on calls 3.0 stars
The only problem i see is heating. It gets heated even for a basic use i.e. is on calls. 15 mins in call and the phone upperside will heat up so badly that it will be difficult to continue using the phone. Its so damn uncomfortable and dangerous. This appears to be a flaw in the handset which Samsung doesnt agree to. I am trying to return my phone but its just too difficult for us to make these big companies realise that even Indians expect quality product. Its high time they start doing this.
Posted by Santosh on 18-04-2019 at
Poor display quality 2.0 stars
Was so excited abt getting amoled screen. But turned out to be a big disappointment. The whole display is yellow/redish colour. I turned off the night mode (blue light filter). But still all the white pages appear yellow. Especially when kept next to my old motog4, display looks pathetic. Don't know if this is a defect only on my phone or whether all phones are like this. Confused whether to return or whether to get used to yellow pages.
Posted by NIkhil on 18-04-2019 at
Good phone value for money 4.0 stars
Purchased the 6gb and 128gb option....overall phone is good...battery will last one day with moderate use.. camera (despite being three I.e. the depth sensor telephoto etc) just ok.. face recognition takes some time and If you just hold you head it doesn't recognize .....the finger reader is very accurate....had a problem of screen freeze once and network not recognized on all remember does get a bit hot with use especially while talking
Posted by ashish b on 17-04-2019 at
Facing issue on back m30 3.0 stars
I am facing the same issue again and again , i replace the phone one time and facing that problem still yet, on the back panel near the fingerprint area when we tap on it it gives a sound like something is loose or some scrue is not fit properly..i request to all buyers who already buy this cell .please check that u are facing that issue or not..
Posted by Sunny on 16-04-2019 at
Best phone 5.0 stars
I have been using Samsung since long time,this is really awesome if you are looking for best camera I would strongly recommend samsungM30, All features in one phone, good picture quality, slim look and very handy,3 camera in back and one in front its make its dslr picture quality. Lots of features in very affordable cost if you are looking for under 20k a good phone its phone for You.
Posted by Bhupesh Kumar on 16-04-2019 at
Worst Rear Camera for indoor photos 1.0 stars
Worst when it comes to image stabilisation. Indoor and low light photos are useless. Outdoor and brightly light room pics are decent. Battery is average. Camera app needs a lot of improvement - not sure how dual or triple camera works as you cannot adjust background after clicking photos whereas Nokia has that feature inbuilt as it snaps the reference of dual camera which holds the feature of adjusting background even after the photo is clicked.Made a wrong choice considering 15k price was expecting better camera performance.Other features are ok.
Posted by Aditya Rathi on 15-04-2019 at
Amazing phone seriously.. Moto one power I have but Samsung best phone rather thn others. 5.0 stars
Excellent Fast charging battery and battery backup.Camera is ultimate.Screen touch is awesome.Overall, this is amazing.. mind blowing...Love u Amazon. & Samsung.
Posted by BHAWAN PHAGUWALA on 15-04-2019 at