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Samsung Galaxy M30s User Reviews

Don't buy this cheat the customers 1.0 stars
Amazon selling LIE heated during call and charging the quality is very bad..please don't buy this mobile
Posted by Jiwachh Prasad on 11-10-2019 at
Don't buy anything form Amazon 1.0 stars
It's a scame I am facing problem since day 1 I am facing battery problem and when I tried to contact Amazon and tried to replace product they said that will tell technicians to check your phone and then my phone's replace date is 10th Oct and I am complaining everyday and still they are not replying me and telling me that we will solve it not date is gone and I am trying to call them they are not even picking up the call ....... I will not buy anything form Amazon I hate this ... Amazon sucks...
Posted by Preet l. on 10-10-2019 at
Habb 4.0 stars
Did not received cash back 1000 of buying samsung m30s
Posted by Deepak Kumar on 09-10-2019 at
Don't waste ur money 1.0 stars
Please not to buy due to following major reason which was i have practically observed...
1. Both camera is too bad , like 5 MP picture.
2. lack of many features which provides by other smartphone company.
3. Network issue.
4. touch not upto the mark

Main issue is camera quality, i will suggest not buy this phone
Posted by MKP on 09-10-2019 at
A good come back by Samsung battery should be improved 4.0 stars
Battery drains quickly
Posted by Nirmala on 07-10-2019 at
On the top 5.0 stars
From finger print , camera to battery life every thing is more than as expected in this price range. Beyond this shape , color, speed every thing is very very good . Every 5star is less if their is option of 7star I give that to.
Posted by Inderpal singh on 07-10-2019 at
All Show No Go kind of product. 1.0 stars
Never expected this kinda inferior product from the Big brand like Samsung.

Here are pros and cons

1. Screen (at 11.6K price)
2. Battery (6K mAh though will perform like 4K mAh due to software issue I guess coz hardware has 6K capacity)

Cons :-
1. Camera Sucks
2. Performance Choppy even in normal uses not talking about gaming
3. GPU Sucks very slow performance in the gaming
4. Heating issues while playing games

Wouldn't recommend any one to buy this phone
Posted by Vicky on 07-10-2019 at
Except the Quality of Display, Rest of things are Average. 2.0 stars
Its my First Purchase of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, its M30s. Previously used other brands like Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, Vivo.

As it was Global Brand, I trusted and Expected more from the Specs advertised or mentioned, But from 1st day of delivery i found it was Defective. Yes Defective Product delivered by Amazon India.

Coming to Device Review :- Only Display sAmoled with Full HD+ was good, and some how The one ui was good.
Battery backup was like 4000 mah only, processor heats a lot up-to 46 degree.
And consumes more power, power hungry processor, so battery lasts less time.
Product was Feel like cheap because poor build quality, makes back panel and sides crackling sound.
Even One ui having ads, yes but it can be stopped when initial setup of device to not to receive any marketing information unlike Xiaomi.
Cameras also Above Average, front camera is below Average only.
Overall Not expected from Samsung Brand.
For the Display Only I am giving 2 stars, rest was a crap, because of Overheating of Device when Using Normally without Gaming, and Battery drains a lot in idle also.
Posted by MskTechCorp on 06-10-2019 at
not good product 2.0 stars
no ear phone
touch not proper
slow speed
not good quality
Posted by Aayushi garg on 05-10-2019 at
Useless samsung M30s mobile 1.0 stars
Totally waste of money wrost product. Next time I'm never buy on amazon.
Posted by vikas singh on 05-10-2019 at