Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G User Faqs

Is better than iphone 12 pro max
Yes because it has large display ratio for best viewing experience and cheaper flagship than iphone
Posted by Revathi on 18-10-2020 at
If 5g launch in india can i insert 5G sim in note 20 ultra???
Yes ofcourse
Posted by Suvankar Chowdhury on 13-10-2020 at
Is this samsung galaxy note 20 ulta storage comes with ufs 3.0 or 3.1?
Ufs 3.1
Posted by Ambar Khona on 06-10-2020 at
Is it waterproof
Maybe didn't try
Posted by Aqeel A. on 01-10-2020 at
Samsung galaxy A50 is not listed under exchange offer?
Maybe don't know
Posted by Aqeel A. on 01-10-2020 at
Is this mobile screen an-breakable or it can also break if fall down..??
Its glass and glass breaks anyhow
Posted by Ambar Khona on 27-09-2020 at
Does it have pop up camera
Posted by Alka on 27-09-2020 at
are you facing heating issue specialy while using camera
not noticed as yet. I had shot a Surgery clip of 8 min Video & had no issues.
Posted by Girishmoharir on 21-09-2020 at
Does it have heart rate monitor?
I didn't check
Posted by Aqeel A. on 18-09-2020 at
how much screen on time can i get if u use 120hz and use gaming and social media?
Maximum 5hours not more than that if you use in 120hz
Posted by Karthik Jain on 14-09-2020 at