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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM User Reviews

Wonderful 5.0 stars
It was nice and delivey was speedy.
Posted by Pankaj Khatnani on 20-12-2018 at
Nice product 4.0 stars
Very good phone. Very versatile.

After 13 months, the original screen is showing a bubble inside, which is reported by many other consumers.

Its requested that Samsung should give free screen replacement.
Posted by ND MATHUR on 19-12-2018 at
Excellent 5.0 stars
Hi nice
Posted by Amrut Galsar on 17-12-2018 at
Mind-blowing purchase 5.0 stars
The phone is really good, I must recommend it to all those who are professionals and at times need to jot down points at a moment's notice.

The screen clarity is good and processing speed as well. I've used games, applications and multimedia with other apps running in the background without the phone giving any kind of lag of trouble.

The camera quality is commendable, well Samsung does make really good quality cameras.

The best feature about this phone is undoubtedly the S-Pen and the abi...
Posted by Siddharth Menon on 15-12-2018 at
Met some expectations 2.0 stars
Dont buy this phone now a9 pro is a alternate better option now....
Posted by Soumyabrata Dutta on 26-11-2018 at
Worthless 1.0 stars
Never buy. The seller supplied a defective piece. It failed to connect to the cellular network. It killed a lot of my time. At last Flipkart readily agreed to return and refund. But how the seller will compensate for the precious time I lost during setting up the phone. The bettery was in deep slumber and the device failed to switch on. It took 4-5 hours to charge each time. Over and above all this there was an ugly disfiguring blemish on the back cover which I tried to hide with a back cover...
Posted by Shankar Sharna on 19-11-2018 at
Commendable 4.0 stars
Samsung never disappoints. Right size and weight. The camera is commendable, both front and back. The S pen is a great and versatile tool that comes handy in taking random notes, no need to scramble for a pen and paper at odd times.Overall highly recommended.
Posted by Aditya Rajagopal on 18-11-2018 at
Really Nice 4.0 stars
Posted by Raj Sharma on 07-11-2018 at
Good choice 5.0 stars
I purchased it from samsung cafe. Actually wanted to upgrade to Note 7 but because of Note 7 fiasco i settled on Note 5. I must tell you this device is feature powerpacked and blazingly fast. Whatever you throw at it and it just delivers. Dual sim is an added advantage. I planned to go for s7 edge but wanted to use dual sim and 32gb won't be sufficient so went for 64gb dual sim note 5. S pen is awesome. Hope Note 5 will get grace ux and s pen feature from Note 7.
Posted by swapy on 31-10-2018 at
Wonderful 5.0 stars
The phone was delivered one day before and the package was in excellent condition. ALL THE ACCESSORIES AND THE PHONE is in great condition. Thanks to the seller.
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 28-10-2018 at