Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Faqs

Which phone is best iphone 10 or galaxy note 9
it's 50/50 both are same depends on you of your price range work time with your phone
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After pre-book note 9, How and when will i get gear sport(@4999 rupees)?
Registration  Process on the  MyGalaxy App  a. In order to be eligible to avail the Samsung Gear Sports, you will be required to activate the Device by 31st August 2018 and register on the My Galaxy
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do i get gear sport for 4999 without pre order??
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Which camera is best....Pixel2 XL or Note 9?
front camera of pixel 2xl is far better than note 9, rear camera of note 9 is better than pixel 2xl.. but pixel 2xl is much affordable now and way cheaper than note 9.
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can i get gear with free with note 9
No, it is not free.
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does note 9 has separate slot for micro sd card apart from sim cards?
no.. either u can use memory card or SIM card..but i think 128gb is enough,u won't need to use memory card.
Posted by Mukul Salunkhe at
dose it have private mode to hide photos videos?
Yes it has mode to hide pictures.
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Is hear rate device present? what is the sensor beside rare flas light?
It's to measure your heart rate and stress levels through Samsung health app. The HRM sensor.
Posted by Uday Kumar at
does phone support native video calling from phone dialer itself without any third party app?
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Which phone is best
Samsung galaxy note 9 is best right now available in market.
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