Samsung Galaxy S10 User Faqs

Does it support Vodafone volte?
yes it does
Posted by Ramesh A on 01-01-1970 at
which type of headphone is provided in the box ?. is it wireless or wired?
Earphones provided is a wired type earphones.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-01-1970 at
does this phones camera has an hyperlapse option
Yes it has this option of hyperlapse for camera.
Posted by Mayur Soni on 01-01-1970 at
Is this phone better than Nokia Asha 3310 ??
To be honest, No. Nothing comes close to the Nokia 3310, but this phone does try to bridge the gap. Though it will never break concrete but it will break speed and display barriers.
Posted by ADITYA CHAURASIA on 01-01-1970 at
Performance of Indian s10( Exenoys) Is worse than Snapdragon model in every case including battery?
No. Exynos are proprietary Samsung processors. They are supposed to deliver better performance than Snapdragons. And this one is no different. Cheers!
Posted by Dhaval Mishra on 01-01-1970 at
is it faster than oneplus 6t
Posted by Anonymous on 01-01-1970 at
which one looks great prism white or blue??
definitely prism white
Posted by Suraj Kumar Sarkar on 01-01-1970 at
Which is better iPhone XS or s10
S10 is far better than iPhone.blindly purchase it
Posted by Anonymous on 01-01-1970 at
Does the s10 screen have a 90hz refresh rate?
No. Its currently available only in One Plus 7 Pro
Posted by Flipkart User on 01-01-1970 at
can we play PUBG. in HDR ?
Yes, of Course you can play PUBG in HDR..
Posted by Hardtrac on 01-01-1970 at