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Samsung Galaxy S20 User Reviews

Best in the market! 5.0 stars
Premium phone. Initially phone used to get hot but after an update heating issue is solved. About display Samsung screen is stunning and this is no exception. Amazing display and coupled with 120hz screen it is treat to use this. And about performance it is not at the level of 865 but it is more powerful than 855+. In benchmark it scores above 5lakhs. And there is no game or app in the playstore which this processor cannot handle. Yes in long sessions of game play it gets warm but its nothin...
Posted by KOUSHIK SHIRALI on 30-11--0001 at
Great product 5.0 stars
Locked and loaded phone on all front, One of the best phones around, ahead of the entire competition by great margin.Bought this after a great deal of research considering other competitors .
Posted by Surya Singh Saroch on 30-11--0001 at
Great product 5.0 stars
Outstanding phone....just love it!!
Posted by Aniket Das on 30-11--0001 at
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
Camera is a pro.... and awsome screen
Posted by vinoth G on 30-11--0001 at
Simply awesome 5.0 stars
Good Mobile, performance is very good, but heating up frequently.Camera is too good, 120Hz performance is too good.
Posted by Tejas Shukla on 30-11--0001 at
Very Good 4.0 stars
Awesome phone.
Posted by BHUPAL V on 30-11--0001 at
Decent product 3.0 stars
Screen too small.Battery heats up after 10 min of usage.Camera isnt that great.
Posted by Deepa Shree on 30-11--0001 at
Mind-blowing purchase 5.0 stars
Very Good Performance
Posted by Siva Ram on 30-11--0001 at
Just wow! 5.0 stars
Good looking beast with Impressive camera !!!
Posted by Raj Abhang on 30-11--0001 at
Best in the market! 5.0 stars
Ok, phone but not much impressive as per top flagship Samsung phone as per previous experience with S7 edge and S10.
Posted by Vikram Pandey on 30-11--0001 at