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Samsung Galaxy S6 User Reviews

Amazing masterpiece! 5.0 stars
Slick, cool, and absolutely stunning finish. I purchased blue topaz. For first time ever I purchased a blue phone and I am not disappointed at all. The phone itself had no need for cheap, factory-installed screen guards as it came wrapped in Gorilla Glass 4.
Earphones are surprisingly good quality for something you get as a freebie.

The adaptive fast-charger complete with a USB cable from Samsung which lets you get like 20% charge in 15 minutes, and 90%+ in an hour. Crazy stuff. Once you use...
Posted by Rahul Kajla on 30-12-2018 at
Satisfied wid the Service Provided 4.0 stars
First i was afraid to take the product as it an electronic product n my friends always advised me not to take any electronic item from online shopping but i am satisfied wid the service of flipkart the mobile is working gr8 and it was delivered before the delivery date i mean they gave fast delivery and i ask customers if they are interested to buy this product even on the EMI they are giving best EMI rates so keep on shopping wid flipkart
Posted by Rituraj Gudivada on 29-12-2018 at
Best out there! 5.0 stars
Awesome phone..A dream come true owning it. Had an IPhone 6 and was tired of the restrictions and unnecessary expenses. The display blows your mind away.
Posted by Vijith S Lal on 25-12-2018 at
the best of the best 5.0 stars
ultimate product by Samsung thumbs down who use apple as apple is nothing in comparison to this as apple is status.
Posted by Rajat Sunda on 21-11-2018 at
Do you listen your head or heart?? 4.0 stars
Every 6 months, 'Change the phone' bug bites me. It's been a long list from Blackberry to Iphone- 3gs, 4, 4s to almost all the budget phones in that order- Moto G, Lumia 535, HTC 516, HTC 820 and the last one being Asus Zenfone2- 4GB-2.3 Ghz. And I've always wondered on anyone would spend a fortune on a 'flagship' when all the specs are right there for less than half the price!!
Well, this time I went with lets spend some money and feel stupid about it mode. The list was restricted to only t...
Posted by MAhesh K on 14-11-2018 at
Awesome High end Phone 3.0 stars
1. Awesome camera (No break down of pics after zoom)
2. Superb speed
3. User friendly UI
4. Fast charging
5. new design

1.Problem with updating galaxy softwares
2.unable to save new contacts (getting deleted after restart)
Posted by Shekhar Saurabh on 11-11-2018 at
Awesome phone S6!!!!! Really impressed 5.0 stars
I have been using S2 for the past 3 years and wanted to buy a smartphone which will beat all in the market ...This is the ritee phone if you are lukin for a phone tat packs a punch in 35K plus category....I have been using this phone for the past 3 days and really impressed with this ...

awesome design...i bought gold platinum and its stunning...
awesome camera front and rear
flawless performance
fingerprint sensor is superbbbb..
battery lyf is decent..
wireless charging is big plus
Posted by Arun Murali on 04-11-2018 at
Posted by AASTK Sharma on 01-11-2018 at
Big SCAM happening ,needs big time auditing 1.0 stars
The sellers who probably are hand in glove with Chinese/cheap suppliers using flipkart to dump off the goods and nothing is returned as their return policy disclaimers are completely seller friendly .
Lets see till how long the show continues
Posted by Manoj Choudhary on 22-10-2018 at
The Best Smartphone Ever experienced... 5.0 stars
Samsung Galaxy s6 is the best smartphone i hav ever used...i previously own Galaxy S4, Iphone 5c, Iphone 6 but den i went for this Beauty....there is no comparison between this and Iphone 6...Galaxy S6 is way ahead in all expects....
Best Things
1) The super amoled Gorilla Glass 4 display is the best display Ever experienced
2) Camera front and back are unbeatable
3) Battery life is ok...But fast charging is superb and the ultra power saving mode is always there.
4) Best gaming performer no...
Posted by Muzammil Shaikh on 20-10-2018 at