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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus User Reviews

Simply awesome 5.0 stars
Excellent phone. Proud to have bought a Made in India!
Posted by Amol Nilpawar on 01-09-2018 at
Simply awesome 5.0 stars
I have been using for past 5.5 mnths..initial euphoria of having a premium phone died out within a its just another gadget
Posted by Ramachandra G on 27-08-2018 at
Best out there 5.0 stars
It's a beast of a phone.Charges to 100% in like 95 minutes.Discharge time is also reasonable depending on your usage.RAm management was smooth,absolutely no lags with many apps in the background.The speakers are definitely an upgrade,more loud and crisp sound,the AKG headphones are also a treat with dolby atmos effect turned on.It's very secure with many unlocking features,fingerprints,iris and face detection.Display is vivid and vibrant.Camera is probably the best upgrade on this phone over ...
Posted by sandeep on 23-08-2018 at
Worth every penny 5.0 stars
Simply out, it is an amazing device to own and use... Except the battery which is a bit low, nothing bad can be said about the Galaxy S9 Plus...
Posted by Siddharth Chaudhary on 14-08-2018 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
Man, The best phone in the market for me atleast. Great Camera, and Display. perfect handy Camera.
Posted by Eswar Adabala on 28-07-2018 at
Awesome piece!! 5.0 stars
Awesome phone!! Just switched back to Samsung after trying iPhone 7!! Its like getting back to home!!
Posted by Dharamveer Sahu on 24-07-2018 at
Terrific purchase 5.0 stars
awesome mobile good to use !!!!
Posted by Shyam Rangaraj on 21-07-2018 at
Must buy! 5.0 stars
Posted by Jay Gohil on 01-07-2018 at
Really Nice 4.0 stars
Everything is fine but I didn't receive any calender or something. ????
Posted by Avradeep Sarkar on 21-06-2018 at
Worth the money 4.0 stars
good phone. top of the line specs. that's why it costs a bomb. the Exynos is fine don't worry. the battery just about makes it to the evening with moderate use. there's a lot of customisable options. go to android central for all the tuning and hacks. the screen's great and future proofed so enjoy videos. sound with Dolby Atmos enabled is super. i don't use Bixby much. it's still developing and will probably get better after some updates.
if you're upgrading from an S8+, think again. its jus...
Posted by P H Shivaram on 06-06-2018 at