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Samsung Galaxy S9 User Reviews

Pretty good 4.0 stars
actually I have to give five stars.four star is due to fast battery drainage
Posted by senthil kumaran on 26-04-2018 at
Mind-blowing purchase 5.0 stars
Absolutely wonderful phone..Feel is good..It's fast..Battery life is disappointing tho...
Posted by SAHIL T S on 20-04-2018 at
Decent product 3.0 stars
excellent display, more excellent sound, superfast responsive but with a poor battery. Not even lasting a day with full hd resolution. after using it six months, I regret for purchasing it, rather any Samsung product. A light bash on the screen and it's shattered completely, and they asking 15K for it within warranty or whatever it is. Then what's the point to buy such a high price product???? Sharing it on social media, don't know it will be published at Flipkart or not
Posted by Jahar Naskar on 19-04-2018 at
Does the job 3.0 stars
very good phone with three weak areas as per my experience
1. Battery should have been of higher capacity. even under moderate use (No games, no videos), battery seldom lasts full day.
2. In roaming it finds difficult to catch mobile network. Sometimes phone has to be restarted or airplane mode toggled multiple times.
3. Was expecting faster software updates especially security updates almost near same speed as pixels. But it's 3rd week of April, but no 1st April update yet.
Posted by Tarun Gupta on 17-04-2018 at
Worthless 1.0 stars
Nothing better than s7 edge
Posted by Pavan Kumar on 16-04-2018 at
Terrific 5.0 stars
Awesome Samsung.

After using one month..... I am writing my review.

1. Screen: Amazing and Best in Market. No one can beat S9 in quality of display.
2. Processor: Seamless and Smooth. You can not find any lag. Although phone is equipped with Exynos Processor (Powered by Samsung Custom Mongoose Core) but it handles even heavy tasks smoothly.
3. Battery: Some people complaining the battery backup issue. But overall battery backup is good. There are a lot of services which ...
Posted by Anshuman Singh on 14-04-2018 at
Hated it! 1.0 stars
Heating and battery draining problem. Even flipkart executive refused to help. They considered device faulty only when temp reaches to 50°, else they consider device to be normal even if your hands are feeling lot of heat. Poor feedback for flipkart. Never recomend to buy from here.
Posted by tushar Kansal on 13-04-2018 at
Poor Battery 1.0 stars
Poor battery runs not even for half day if internet is on, sold it into a week,not as per expectations.
Posted by prerana malviya on 12-04-2018 at
Good 3.0 stars
battery back up is very bad...
Posted by dinesh khatik on 08-04-2018 at
Waste of money! 1.0 stars
worst mobile battery drains very quickly
no solution from flipkart once replaced the mobile but same problem with replacement phone after that no action.
Posted by Ankur Agarwal on 02-04-2018 at