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Worst product 1.0 stars
Took on Jan oly finger print is not working went to vivo show also they r not able to find y it's not working poor quality.. More over it was the replacement peice.. Firstly bought was hanged and was replaced it by new one.. Again the same thing its not worth vivo u20 is worst product than mi
Posted by Kavitha on 18-01-2020 at
Excellent all-rounder with some software issues 4.0 stars
The phone is aln all-rounder value for money. Let me quickly go to the pros and cons.

1) The biggest issue is with the RAM management. With 6GB of RAM, I can see that only 3 to 5 applications are held in memory even when there are 3.5 GB of free space. Aggressive RAM management has caused applications to drop out of memory even when there is space. I hope they notice it and fix this issue. It appears that this may be okay for 4GB version but will be an issue for 6GB versions.

2) Macro camera is very poor in quality and cannot be used indoors without adding too much noise.

3) Due to lower sales volume, difficult to get good accessories that can be a perfect fit.

1) Value for money
2) Very good processor. Handles day to day requirements
3) Excellent battery
4) Fingerprint scanner is decent
Posted by Vijay on 17-01-2020 at
I found 2 problem 4.0 stars
Everything is fine, but i found 2 mazor problem,
1st potrait mode doesn't work
2nd when i call someone and when he/she picked up my phone a haptic feedback gets. Even i turn off vibration mode. That is very annoing.
Have any solution ?? Plz reply..
Otherwisr phone is very smooth and flued and snappy.
Posted by BIJAN on 15-01-2020 at
Impressive phone at this price 4.0 stars
I am happy with the overall performance of the phone. Camera quality is descent. Sharp images in day light but the night mode needs to do better. Wide angle and macro works fine.
I found fingerprint sensor little slow and sometimes it is difficult to unlock in one go.
Build quality of the phone is good and the phone can easily work for a day at Max use with this battery. Also I didn't found any major heating issue while gaming and multi-tasking.
Overall an impressive smartphone at this price ????
Posted by Almas Pathan on 11-01-2020 at
BEST 5.0 stars
ohhh what a phone in this budget.blindly go for u 20 when u compare with realme 5,s, n redmi note 8..i used both realme 5 n note 8 ,after that i buy u i m happy.for u information realme 5 have d wrost display n touch,even wrost than 2 years back 7 k phones.pixel visible,slow touch response.n redmi note 8 have serious issue on network connectivity.get low network signal n very important internet dosconnect very frequently during game n never come back untill u restart the game.battery back up not good n after miui 11 update battery backup become wrost..n obviously snpdrgn 675 is far better than 665.thank u
Posted by Amazon Customer kolkata on 10-01-2020 at
Awesome phone with not so good camera and battery life 3.0 stars
Amazon seller:
1. Amazon seller sold us a used Vivo U20. We could clearly see fingerprints on the case cover and a small scratch on the display. We wanted to return this, but we were afraid that we would get a worse piece than this.

So kindly understand that the review we are doing here may not be for a new smartphone. It may be for a used one. We don't know.

Vivo Camera:
2. Camera is good, but lacks sharpness in auto mode when light does not fall directly on the face, especially when the light source is behind the person. It is because Vivo camera software optimizes the facial image colors to look the same color as it looks to the naked eye. But it does a good job here. Also in this case, when the light source is behind the object in focus, the object brightness is increased by the software, but due to this, the background brightness also increases to the extent of whitewashing out all the background picture.
3. Low light: Night mode does not work as good as normal mode with increased exposure. Night mode brings reddish images in case the light source's color is towards the infrared spectrum and vice versa, while normal mode with increased exposure reproduces close-to-correct colors but also brings more grainy pictures.
What is worth noting here is - even Vivo Z1 Pro has the Sony IMX499 camera sensor. And in low light, both Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo U20 struggle to capture details.
4. 10X zoom doesn't work properly at all in night mode or normal mode. Only pure noise is seen, which is understandable.
5. Video focusing is not fast. We need to tap multiple times to focus an object in video; and while taking a video in frequent movement, the focus is worse.
6. Rear camera struggles to focus during video at night/low light.
7. EIS in video recording shows vibrations in the video which is a bit disappointing. Front camera doesn't have EIS.

Vivo OS:
8. The OS functionality is awesome. Control panel is given in the downside so it is more convenient for fingers to reach.
9. Battery optimisation is an important issue here. Though 5000 mAh, it is not used effectively. During night the battery level drops by 6 to 20% or even more based on network, ram and app type and device hardware sensors activation. Stand By mode takes 11% of the battery even though the smartphone is in data saving and low power mode. Low power mode does not work wonders. From 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM next day, the battery decreased from 76% to 67% using low power mode.
10. There should be a customisation given to add/edit/delete the Shortcut Centre icons.
11. Presently dark theme is not for selected apps. It is given for throughout the OS. Whitelisting of apps should be provided for dark theme also as given for data saving mode.
12. Bloatwares. We should have the control on needing/not needing the apps.
14. App switch shortcut on square button at bottom is not smooth. It doesn't happen quickly.

15. The phone is heavy to handle. Physical optimization could be done to decrease the weight of the device. We need Graphene now.
16. Look of the phone is good from outside.
17. Call quality and signal reception is really good.
18. Dual active sims technology should've been there - so we know who is calling us through the SIM2 when we are talking through SIM1. Both SIMs should be able to work independently and dead locks should be facilitated to manually override/prioritize. This technology is missing.
19. Simultaneous multisim + multi-channel-wifi network usage is missing.
20. Though Vivo U20 claimed UFS 2.1 storage, in daily usage we won't find much of a difference. We did the storage speed test using 4 different speed testing apps available on Google Play Store, and have compared the speeds with emmc storage smartphones.
Sequential and random read speeds with other emmc smartphones are comparable, but write speeds of Vivo U20 storage are twice that of emmc smartphones.
21. The battery in Vivo U20 discharges faster on using WiFi compared to Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.

SD 675:
It seems proper optimization of processor for Vivo U20 is not done properly as SD 636 as well as SD 675 perform with almost the same speed for daily use apps though there's a difference of A53, A73 (Kryo 260) and A55, A76 (Kryo 460). May be it would be evident during gaming or graphics intensive tasks.

For most of the above concerns, software updates have to be given by Vivo Team.
Please note that our experience may not be the same for all. That is why we need your experience shared here in review section so Vivo can work on these pain points and resolve them through OTA software updates.

Vivo, kindly take all these suggestions into consideration and send us software updates soon.
Posted by AmazonCustomer on 08-01-2020 at
bad experience, battery drainage problem,bad replacement service from Amazon 1.0 stars
Had a very bad experience...I had bought this phone bcz of it's powerful battery ...normally the battery backup is for 36 hours or more as per reviews ...but for my set wasn't giving battery backup for 24 hours ( ps- with min usage, no playing games ,2 hours video was watched) So I had asked for replacement . So before replacing a technician had come to see if there is really a battery issue or not .now my phone's replacement depended on the report by this technician now if the technician is oversmart or idiot then ur whole 11000 is gone

He told me phone battery back is usually 1 day .no phone in the market can have 36 hours or more battery backup
Then he said that his phone which is 4000 mAh and 1 year old gives 24 hours backup where is the comparison? Bcz my phone is 5000 mAh and brand new

He said if I watch you tube using wifi or Jio net for 2 hours..there will be battery drainage of 40% ..and that is quite normal.
So he said it's better to watch downloaded videos!!!!!!
He said those writing reviews are speaking bluff... actually 24 hours battery backup is the max possible battery backup..and if someone plays pubg and other games..then they will have to charge their phone quite a time in a day ..bcz 20 mins of pubg drains battery upto 30%

In short ...I will have to deal with is phone...
This is my last purchase from Amazon for sure
And others I would like to ask them to think twice before they buy expensive products from Amazon .
Posted by Anirban Hati on 07-01-2020 at
Go for it 4.0 stars
Better than mi realme brand because vivo ui is really superb and smooth.
Good Lokking smartphone with awesome battery life.
Big screen is looks very good and video watching experience is superb.
Camera quality is good.
Mobile design is comfortable.
18 w charger take a 2.15 hours to fully charg 5000 mah battery.
Posted by Afjal kham on 06-01-2020 at
Just go for it... 4.0 stars
Excellent Mobile Got within 10k.

Excellent battery life
Outstanding camera, don't look mega pixels,it's better than every one in this segment,selfie is best
Solid feel,great design
UFS 2.1 storage
Snapdragon 675 is faster
Fast App launching
Dual 4G with dedicated card slot
Fast Charging
Wide one L1 support
Classic Display

No major cons but still considerable

No notification light
No type C port
No IR blaster
Some panda glass protection inspite of gorilla glass.
Funtouch OS not the best(better to install other launcher)
Back camera bookeh mode is not too effective(After an update it is improved a lot).

But inspite of above it is excellent in all-round performance.

Better than Note 8,realme 5s etc.
Posted by Jaiprakash S. on 05-01-2020 at
Nice but nice but you can expect more because of its headlined quality 4.0 stars
Vivo u20 is a nice phone but the camera quality and especially the slow motion is not up to the mask camera is somehow reasonable in this price range and the battery backup is not that much which I was expecting it charge approximately 2% in nearly 2 minutes or in 3 minutes and its processor is quite good but after playing pubg for about half an one and half an hour there is a warm issue in my phone realme 3 Pro can give a nice competition to this phone at this rate goodfon I had use it for about 15 days now not not satisfied but overall a good for the thing which I like about the phone is its background apps keep on running after 1 days and I like the phone battery backup is quite great it takes 1 hour 45 minutes for full charge I can come and this phone to you guys but realme 3 Pro give you better quality of camera at this rate and that is also good there good body everything is good I got it better thanks
Posted by Rajender gupta on 05-01-2020 at