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Vivo V5 User Reviews

Not good 2.0 stars
Sealfi isn't good
Posted by Yogesh Keche on 24-12-2018 at
Brilliant 5.0 stars
Awmse phone nice color superp selfie ..
Posted by MD SHAHID on 20-12-2018 at
Not satisfied 3.0 stars
Phone is overall good to use.. But its camera quality has not been able to stand as per company demanded..its 20 mp monlight selfi camera has no difference then other 5 mp camera phone..this phone is marketed by highlighting its camera... But it not gives any such experiences as marketed..
I suggest if u want to buy a phone for best camera experience then dont buy vivo v 5..rather you can opt for other phone such as Samsung.. Expect camera quality... Overall its a nice product to use...
Posted by RAJA KONWAR on 27-10-2018 at
Nice product 4.0 stars
Excellant phone. Camera is good. Hardware button is not working for week , but after update they are fine.
Posted by Anand Kumar on 25-09-2018 at
super 5.0 stars
Posted by RAVIKUMAR GUJJULA on 24-09-2018 at
Perfect product! 5.0 stars
Posted by Prakash Chandra on 23-09-2018 at
Highly recommended 5.0 stars
Good product
Posted by Pawan Singh on 23-09-2018 at
Good choice 5.0 stars
pure selfie mobile very nice
Posted by Ankit Garg on 21-09-2018 at
Good choice 4.0 stars
Posted by Sandip Pal on 20-09-2018 at
Great product 5.0 stars
Posted by RAJA BANERJEE on 12-09-2018 at