Vivo V9 User Faqs

can u suggest me to which phone purchase in below 25000 range
Vivo V9 and redmi note 5 pro
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Hai everyone ,i ordered vivo v9,i have one doubt in this phone can play high games or not
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front camera flash available or not to this mobile ?
It doesn't have the front flash. It has screen flash which works perfectly.
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The phone has finger print locker??
Yes obviously
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have a headphone
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they connected to the tv
yes. u can connected through wifi display.
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sir vivo v9 back body in glass or metal bcz in black colur see shine look in pic
It is neither metallic nor glass. Made of plastic with glossy finish.
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does it have 360 degree display rotation
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does it is waterproof
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it has slow-motion video recording or not?
yes it has
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