Vivo V9 Youth User Faqs

Is this spot duall what's aap account without any software like samsung or redmi phones
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does it have finger print unlocking system
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Does v9 youth have fingerprint access and triple card slot
it has a triple card slot. 2 for nano sims and one for the memory card.
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Can i ckllick dslr pictures
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in vivo v9 youth can we take pics like dslr effect??
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does it support face lock
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Vivo v9 or v9 youth? Which is a better choice?
depends on your pocket...more your spend better u get
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does it has a dual app settings?
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Does the camera can blur the background ?
yes, in bokeh mode u can ...
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whethe vivo 9 youth or honir 9i is best
Opt for Vivo V9 Youth.
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