Vivo X21 User Faqs

have hang this mobile?
No..Never leg free operating..
Posted by Anonymous at
does this phone has rapid or fast charging
yes its charge very fast
Posted by Raja at
Fount flash or not In this phone
front flash is not there
Posted by VIKAS GUPTA at
his fingerprint is fast or not plz reply
takes upto 1.5 sec to unlock.
Posted by Deven Patnaik at
how much SIM it have
Posted by Anonymous at
It's a ir blaster phone
no it doesn't have.
Posted by Prashanth Avaduta at
Is slow motion video captiring avilable?
Posted by Anonymous at
it has inbuilt suport for dual whatsapp?
Posted by Flipkart User at
does it have a notification light?
Posted by Anonymous at
does IIT have 48 megapixel camera
No, it's having 12 megapixel, dual sensor camera with additional 5 megapixel longshot camera...
Posted by Giridhar Lakshmi Narayana at