Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 User Faqs

which is good s8 or mi mix 2
mi mix 2 is DAD of all high ram,rom, wide angle camera. and lots S8 is very costly comparisonly low in features this only a brand cost of samsung. if u purchase mi mix 2 you really like it
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is is android oreo
Oreo 8.0 official ROM
Posted by Mani S at flipkart.com
When 6gb ram and 256 gb internal mobile launch in India
It never will don't wait for it. :) 128 GB is more than sufficient for the daily usage, until unless you want to convert your phone into a hard drive.
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Mi Mix2 or one plus 5t which one should I must prefered?
It is a matter of personal preference. I had used Mi phones earlier and like the interface so my preference is Mi. Of course the screen and build quality is really good with specs of a flagship.
Posted by Aishwarya Tiwari at flipkart.com
can i use this phone in GCC countries?????
Yes you can. last week I went to the Oman and I used this phone without any problems
Posted by Danish Inamdar at flipkart.com
mix sopport otg cable ?
Yes it does.
Posted by Sudhib Balakrishnan at flipkart.com
where is front camera in mobile?
At the the bottok of front side bezzels....!
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Is the version of Android provided in the set upgradable to Andoid Oreo i.e. Android 8?
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does it comes with glass body
its has a ceramic body and aluminum corners
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is this miui
Yes, Comes with MIUI 8 but can upgrade to MIUI 9
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