Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro User Faqs

when i get 6GB +128 GB ? pls confirm me
U have to wait for it will be notified u
Posted by Moin Rashid at flipkart.com
Can we use the back dual camera 48mp+5mp in all mode
When you enable the 48 MP camera using the pro mode you only can take shots on manual mode and automatic mode. There is no bokeh effect applicable when you are enabling the 48 MP mode.
Posted by Swarup Pan at flipkart.com
What is the size of the video and image of 48mp camera? say video of 5mins
images r 10 to 15 mb
Posted by Manoj upadhyay at flipkart.com
which phone has better gaming performance redmi note 7 or realme 3? plz tell....
Redmi note 7 pro
Posted by Venky Missile at flipkart.com
Which is the better iPhone 7 vs note 7pro
Based on price it's note 7 pro
Posted by Zafar Rehan at flipkart.com
Is camera lagging issue solved??
not yet
Posted by SHANKAR MUDALIAR at flipkart.com
48 mp camera working normal mode???
No working Only Pro mode
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
Does note 7 pro 675 prosesor is better than note 7 660 aie?
note 7 pro 675
Posted by Anonymous at flipkart.com
is there a 6gb ram variant available
yes but its not launched in india
Posted by Zeth Aynikkat at flipkart.com
pubg performance? and battery life in continue play
pubg performance is quite good and can upto game 4 hours without major heating issue
Posted by Arubala Sethi at flipkart.com