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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro User Reviews

Wonderful 5.0 stars
i love the picture quality, battery backup is awsome, i used my phone 2days without charging, the finishing and the looks is crazy, you will be love in it by get in your hand ????
Posted by Paramita kulshi on 16-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Nice product 4.0 stars
❤️ Shot on 7pro ultimate
Posted by Abhishek Gumate on 04-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Wonderful 5.0 stars
Absolutely beast and camera is just awesome...value for money smartphone...low light photos samples are just aweosme...check it out..
Posted by Sujal Patel on 04-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Excellent 5.0 stars
I was using Mi a1 before this device, i was so impressed with that one because of the pure android experience and hardwares implemented by Xiaomi in that deviceafter the extensive use of 2 years of mi a1, i had somuch expectations about my new device and that's why I choose note7pro and Xiaomi managed to fill my expectations. The hardware is so much appreciated in this price range, SD675, type c connectivity, stunning design and display and ofcause the camera. I'm not a mobile photograph...
Posted by Abin KS on 04-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Fabulous! 5.0 stars
value for money....worth buying
Posted by Nagaraj Pujar on 03-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Just wow! 5.0 stars
At 14k price point it is a killer device..specifically its camera built quality is outstanding...but its camra UI have some lagging issue which can may be fixed by the company later...and its speaker quality is average..And all this phone user must try gcam...after all the saturation adjustment its performed adorable wich is faar better than stock camera..specifically its portrait mode click 48Mp portrait shot which stock camera can't take...and its selfie click more natural pictures than the...
Posted by priyabrata das on 03-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Waste of money! 1.0 stars
Upgraded from Note 5 Pro 6 GB with high hopes...Downright DevastatedDay 1: Camera started to get hanged after clicking pics ...Day 2-3: Internet Surfing Speed Down to average of 30 Kbps (Initially I believed it as a network issue)Day 4-6: Not a Single app depended on network access loading..even flipkart app hangs with a big white loading screenDay 7 (Judgement Day): Frustrated..tried hard resetting 2 times... data speed recovers..however not a single app is getting installed..all o...
Posted by Rahul Dey on 01-04-2019 at flipkart.com
Classy product 5.0 stars
Awesome product#NOTE7PRO
Posted by Subhrajyoti Kundu on 30-03-2019 at flipkart.com
Super! 5.0 stars
Gorgeous Nebula Red ??
Posted by Piyush Prajapati on 30-03-2019 at flipkart.com
Mind-blowing purchase 5.0 stars
awesome camera value for money this range...pretty look.
Posted by ravi umar on 27-03-2019 at flipkart.com