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Xolo Q3000 User Reviews

XOLO Q3000 5.0 stars
Looks good wait till this launch and will write review after that. Specification is good and battery is very good.
Posted by Anubhav sinha on 31-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Awesome Phone... High on Features 5.0 stars
Was curiously waiting for it and got this Marvel booked, Today... Eagerly awaiting for it to come

the 2nd Best was Lenovo P780

will review it later, upon using this for a week...
Posted by Naveen A B on 31-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Best Smartphone ever. 5.0 stars
Best smartphone in this price range.. most of the specifications are same as galaxy note 2.
Xolo is a good brand in indian market. If you are looking for better gaming experience and entertainment, then surely u can go for it. One of the best thing abt this mobile is it offers 4000Mah battery will full HD screen.
Posted by gkr on 28-12-2018 at flipkart.com
BPC - Xolo q3000 5.0 stars
Good Seller, Good Product, but Xolo Service Centre not good service, Seller Service also like A ,
Low Price, Fast Delivery, Good Packing, Value for money.
Posted by Braham Prakash on 27-12-2018 at flipkart.com
1.0 stars
The games like Modern Combat 4, asphalt 8 hangs a lot you need to lower down the graphics to play it.
Built quality is very cheap.
Now the real problem is sometimes it got switched off automatically and then turn ON by its own wish.
Falls in boot loop again and again.
I requested flipkart to return but they refused.
Lastly if you want to invest a good amount like 15K then do not go for such a crap instead go for some premium brand.
Its completely waste of money and I regret buying it.
Posted by Pradeep Singh on 15-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Good but little costlier 5.0 stars
Everything Features, response are all good but price is on little higher side. It could have been cheaper.
Posted by Munish Aggarwal on 14-12-2018 at flipkart.com
XOLO surprised me !!! 5.0 stars
I had bought this phone in Feb-14 & surprised to see its features which make it in competition with many top smartphones under 20K..

Good colour display , buttery touch , good camera , Powerful CPU & storage has made it a worthy phone.......con is its battery drain sometimes...

In all I was impressed with this Indian Company to launch not only Q3000 but many phones & tab one by one...
Posted by sudhir on 14-12-2018 at flipkart.com
better 2.0 stars
1-The brightness of the phone increase if u go to camera and come out.
2.the battery drains like a countdown after 10%.
3.it does not uses its 2gb ram fully
4.there is no live wallpaper available in this phone
5.asphal8 stucs in this device
6.Bluetooth does not work
Posted by Flipkart Customer on 04-12-2018 at flipkart.com
Used the phone for almost a YEAR!! Was wortg 5.0 stars

I have bought this ph in Jan 2014 and after so much use..I still find it best among many competitors

Best-- Battery.Many of my friends busy with chargers while traveling or long office work.Whereas as 4000mh gives a big relief.

Recently i got software upgrade to Kitkat from Jelly bean..it has really made the usage faster and easier.

I use 3G all time and with lots of apps and games however it has never given any trouble so far.


If we have many apps opened in background it sur...
Posted by Barun Saha on 10-11-2018 at flipkart.com
XOLO Q3000 (The DUMBphone) 1.0 stars
1] As expected, Flipkart processed the order and delivered the product within 24 hours.

1] Inspite of locking the phone, the touch pad starts apps on its own if kept in the pocket of your shirt/trouser. It automatically starts multiple applications without your knowledge.
a)The music starts when you are in a meeting.
b)Facebook checkin starts on its own.
c)World clock is auomatically set up for all countries.
d)Junk SMS and Whatsapp messages are sent to any person in your contac...
Posted by Rajesh Mengle on 06-11-2018 at flipkart.com