Apple iPhone X User Faqs

40x zoom supported ?
10x digital zoom in camera and 4x digital zoom in video
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Iphone X or Sumsung S9 plus Who's best ?
no doubt iPhone x is the best
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Android version which
Android oreo
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is it overheating
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facing any issues of iPhone related display or sound???
No issues. Working beautifully.
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which one is better samsung galaxy s9 plus or iphone x and in iphone doesnt have much featuers but iphone rate almost 1 lakh why ??
Definitely S9 plus
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Can I Hear Any Song From Gaana for Free?
yes obviously
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this iPhone x 8k supported??
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Q. Is it better than samsung galaxy s9 plus 128gb,6gb ram
Absolutely not. My wife has a iPhone x and I have the s9+. The s9+ has a far superior camera and battery life. And face id on iPhone x is very cumbersome. The s9+ at least has the finger print reader
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airpods and wireless charger are along with phone or not??
No. Airpods cost around 12k and a normal decent wireless charger costs around 1.5k. So definitely you can't expect these in the package. However you can purchase them under Citi cash back offer.
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